Please don’t spend another minute not really living out your dreams.

In a supportive environment, you’ll receive my fearless love and wisdom so you can begin to embody your authentic genius, life, and soul calling now.

my approach

You are unique. You need a highly trained and intuitive mirror, someone who can work with you in the way you need, It is my privilege to be able to give you this gift.

Many people are referred to me because of my unique training and experience – over 30 modalities in 30 years of study, including:

  • Interpersonal
  • Psychodynamic – Developmental – Family of Origin
  • Humanistic – Existential
  • Transpersonal Approaches
  • Dream Work
  • Jungian
  • Somatic – EMDR & Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
  • Feminine Wisdom and Empowerment
  • Indigenous Wisdom Traditions
  • Yoga and Non Dual Philosophy
  • Buddhism

I offer full-spectrum healing work in trauma, psychology, and spirituality, to provide a complete human healing and awakening experience.

How We Can Work Together

Sessions and Immersions can be virtual (via phone or Skype) or in person, at my office in Sonoma County. I offer the following packages to suit your individual needs…

SINGLE SESSION Individual sessions are 50 minutes long and couple’s sessions are 60 minutes. However I also offer longer sessions and more frequent meetings as needed or desired

10 or 20 Session Package When you know it’s not a 1-2 session experience, consider purchasing a 10 or 20 Session Package. Other packages available upon request.

PRIVATE IMMERSIONS There are no limits to your life. There are no limits to the transformation you can experience in an Immersion. Immersion work involves not just coaching, psychological work, or spiritual inquiry, but all three. Perhaps you want to create your dream business, or you long for partnership, or you are opening to a new level of self-care. Immersions are designed for anyone wishing to quantum leap their personal growth into the next level.

Length: 5 hours of deep work in one day, to start.

Areas of Specialty

Psychotherapy is the work of healing, deep inner psychological work Throughout our work together, you will experience my profound respect for the unique unfolding of your journey, and my genuine compassion for the risks and courage required for a deeper and truer exploration of yourself.

I support Psychotherapy clients with:

  • Abuse Recovery (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Sexual, and Neglect)
  • Anxiety – Panic – Terror
  • Anger
  • Creativity – Artist Challenges
  • Codependency Entanglements
  • Depression
  • Divorce – Separation
  • Eating Disorders – Body Image – Body Detox Effects
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Family of Origin Issues
  • Gifted Adults/Teens
  • Grief & Loss Issues (including loss of a pet)
  • Money Issues – Wealth & Inheritance Issues, Affluenza
  • Multi-Generational Trauma & Recovery
  • Multi-Cultural – Immigrant Issues
  • Parenting Your Teenager
  • Releasing & Resolving Shame and Guilt
  • Relationship – Interpersonal Conflicts/Challenges
  • Separation – Individuation Issues
  • Understanding Power & Domination Issues
  • Work Issues – Stress management – Professional Job Burnout – Job Los
Ready to begin? Reach out to Joanna to schedule your initial connection call to get started.

After the stories of the psyche loosen their grip, you may wish for something even deeper… To live a life that cultivates the true power of presence, compassion, wisdom, grace, and awareness – through the joys and challenges of everyday life. The ultimate reward of a spiritual path is true (not feigned) happiness, peace, and freedom.

I support my Spiritual Coaching clients with:

  • Developing a Spiritual Practice
  • Identifying Your Spiritual Path
  • Connecting with the Sacred in Daily Life
  • Crisis of Creativity – Artistic Manifestation
  • Responding to a soul calling
  • Feminine Empowerment - Awakening
  • “Dark Night of the Soul” Crisis
  • Illness or Death of a Loved One
  • Life Transitions (Marriage, Divorce, Birth of Child, Loss of Parent)
  • Loss of Meaning – Loss of Faith - Nihilism
  • Religious Upbringing Issues
  • Right Livelihood
  • Spiritual Orientation – Religious Issues
  • Shamanic Initiation – Openings
  • Spiritual Awakenings/Openings Integration
Ready to begin? Reach out to Joanna to schedule your initial connection call to get started.

More About Couples immersions

It was amazing when you fell in love, the swirl, the magic, the juicy infinite love you felt would never leave you. There was no denying how close and connected you felt. There was never any question of how deeply you loved each other, and how much you felt you belonged with each other.

With trust and safety, you now felt that you could conquer anything as long as you were together. And you decided that it was time to live together.

Right about this time, little things, like little grains of sand in an oyster, started to rub you the wrong way. Tiny disillusionments morphed on into bigger power struggles.

So many relationships end at this point. Yours could too, if you let it.

Or you could try on this perspective. That incredible thing you felt at the beginning of your relationship is the raw life force, that if transformed, can become the truest, most transformative enlightening love you will ever receive.

But you have to take the first step.

This is where the Moving In program comes in. Here you’ll find a haven of safety and openness to honestly discuss the issues and fears that are normal for every couple who have ever had the courage to fall deeply in love and keep going.

We’ll work towards your mutual goal of making the move-in harmonious and setting up the necessary guiding structures to navigate your unfolding relationship while honoring your vision for partnership and real love.

As your partnership journey continues and lights up your world, the incredible opportunity of marriage is now taking center stage.

You’ve said the words, “I do.” Or you’ve bravely asked your beloved to marry you. It’s all happening. You’re probably feeling a whirlwind of emotions and intensity you’ve never felt before. It can be thrilling.

And this exciting new phase launches you into a new world of closeness and growth filled with surprises and rich lessons to teach you about intimacy, deep relationship work, and healing.

Why? Because the same event that is thrilling is also incredibly evocative on just about every level.

The journey to become wedded partners in a culture where there is a staggering divorce rate can be so evocative that it’s no wonder that I often see couples coming to see me after they became engaged and then had their biggest fight, stress or meltdown to date. Rarely do partners realize the full extent of how archetypally comprehensive an event a wedding is, let alone a marriage, and our society does not openly offer a way to prepare for such an event.

It’s surprising that our culture does not teach people about what arises when they decide to marry. Themes that we must address include our colliding views on love, sex, partnership, gender roles, children, money, religion, politics, and family, just to name a few. With the family models of how to do marriage that have been handed down to us, it's no surprise we can feel unprepared, and as a result the divorce rate is staggering, causing a destruction, a heartache, and loss we can no longer afford to bear.

We must learn how to truly prepare for and embrace the challenges before they come to “get us” in a traumatic, disruptive way.

That is why I am here to support you, On The Way To The Wedding. It’s one of my most popular programs and it will definitely help you:

  • Release fears and worries before they create drama and upset
  • Sort out family issues as the wedding day approaches.
  • Untangle concerns about religion, money, sex, and gender roles
  • Launch your marriage journey with a real toolbox of practical resources to guide you through the road ahead in a way that heals your touchy spots, and re-enforces your strengths. Release all the barriers to a love that is as true and real as they come.

It doesn't have to be hard or serious. Learn to have fun and pleasure as your relationship becomes a profound teacher and illuminator of the powerful community of the two of you. As you open this sacred opportunity of growth, amazing life-changing experiences can unfold. Your growth as a couple will astound you, as it spreads out into the world as a goodness and magic you may not now be able to imagine.

Two little lines on a plastic stick. That means yes. A positive result. A gasp. A hoot. Or fear, and stress. Perhaps a sinking feeling. Or a feeling of pure exhilaration.

No one can ever predict how you are going to feel, but one thing is for sure. Finding out you’re pregnant can unleash a tidal wave of emotions that can flood your heart and soul. You can experience a torrent of feelings, body sensations, and questions, amidst excitement and uncertainty.

No one tells you how completely this life-changing event will affect you. You will feel and face things that our culture and much of our background leave us ill-equipped to embrace, let alone navigate.

It's likely a good thing you're reading this, because it means that you care and have some questions along with a willingness to look at what is one of the most important turning points of your life.

Why? Because your life will never be the same.

I heard once that when you have a child, your heart is forever outside your own body. As a mother of two children, I know from first-hand experience that this is true.

And that heart takes you on a wild soul journey that will lead you through so many emotions, so many thoughts, and brings up so many questions, it will rock your world. Everything will change: from parenting, to your relationship with your partner, to family, to sex, and to the future. Your relationship to time and your own energy will change. Along with an incredible vulnerability and responsibility you now feel.

You need an anchor, a rock. You need to be well-cared for, as you plan to care for your little one. I am here as your guide, who deeply understands and is ready to empower, support and care for you as you deal with the huge changes underfoot. You can think of me as your spiritual and emotional pregnancy doula (and yes I have been trained as a birth doula as well).

To nourish you during this time, I offer you:

  • A safe space to be truly understood, heard, and sort out your thoughts and feelings about the immense changes taking place.
  • A refuge from the intensity you may be feeling so that you can release the incredible riches of presence, awareness, and love that are such a deep opportunity inside this journey.
  • Support and guidance to heal family of origin and relationship issues that may be arising during this time for clearing.
  • Understanding and experience to help plan ahead, especially if there are complications with extended family, existing siblings, religion, parenting concerns, or other difficult issues.
  • Empowerment to discover your best parenting style, and encouragement to not lose yourself or your partnership in the process.
  • Connection to resources that may be helpful to you depending on what you need.
  • Presence and availability for support as the delivery date gets closer.

Your relationship has been up, it's been down. It's been all around. You're in love, you're not sure if you're in love. You’ve experienced great sex, you’re experiencing okay sex, or no sex. There have been conflicts, and really deep love and connection, and more challenges.

Really, this is a healing crisis, disguised as a potential break up. Start to see what's true. Take a look, open-eyed, into the chasm of disconnection. You can begin to get aligned on a path that is going to help you sail towards the shores of real love, where true partnership really begins.

So what are the first steps you have to take?

I'm here to help you navigate through these uncharted waters, like a lighthouse to a ship on a foggy night.If your relationship has been stuck on the verge of making it or breaking up, I would like to offer you the opportunity to:

  • Clear the space for real communication so you can genuinely go forward no matter what the outcome.
  • Learn how to turn around the things that once attracted you, and are now driving you crazy, in conflicts and power struggles.
  • Utilize those difficulties so you can transform stress, disappointment, and confusion into pleasure, love, ease, and clarity.
  • Discover how to structure difficult conversations so you can avoid the traps of disappointments, repeated frustrations, criticisms, and defensiveness.
  • Extract the energy in any escalating argument into a giant portal for empathy, validation, and deeper seeing.
  • Ride and transform the edges of relationship’s slippery slope into incredible opportunities so you can make it, and not break up.
  • If you have the ‘on the verge feeling,’ in your partnership and you want to see it through to the riches that await, I’d love to support you.

    Nobody ever told you how difficult partnership can be. For as long as couples have experienced love, they have also experienced the tumultuous backlash of betrayal caused by infidelity.

    Betrayal, hurt, and anger can arise like an inferno. When you add the rage, distrust, guilt, and worthless feelings that can threaten to overwhelm your sanity, it’s no wonder many couples break up during this time, only to go on and repeat this pattern again.

    The question is, which way will you go?

    I have certainly seen many couples head towards a breakup. I have also seen many miracles where couples go the other way and utilize every morsel of pain as an initiation, so that they can ultimately have a deeper relationship with each other.

    I’ve seen couples become more in love with each other after going through this process of deep change.

    It’s true, it can take some time to heal the chasm between the two of you that caused the rift to happen, but that is really what initiated the whole mess in the first place. The infidelity was the final manifestation, birthing a disconnection that began long ago. You probably knew that.

    Most couples don’t realize that every feeling that an affair evokes, no matter which person went outside the relationship, is a feeling that triggers all the unfelt experiences of that feeling. For example, betrayal evokes all known or unknown betrayals, hurt evokes all deep hurts, distrust evokes all deep distrust and so on.

    A giant relationship clean-up opportunity is here. The question is, will you take it? Will you honor the real love that is there and utilize this love to grow and be the source of fuel that will help you process the feelings that have arisen through this? Are you willing and curious to see what is on the other side of this challenge? Are you willing to let the intense feelings that are here become giant clean-up portals for all the similar feelings inside you, and then see who you are as a couple on the other side of that?

    If you’ve read this far, you’re curious about the new relationship that awaits you. You know that there’s more to this partnership than the big hurts, betrayals, and deep disappointments caused by this event.

    You are ready to cross over to the other side of the affair; here is what this program will offer you:

    • A deeply safe space so that each person’s experience can be truly heard and received with love, non-defensiveness, and heartfelt listening.
    • An honest assessment of your shared relationship histories, so we can understand the real patterns, feelings, and emotions that are being played out through this process.
    • An opportunity to utilize every single bit of heartache as a direct portal back to honesty, tenderness, clarity, and love.
    • The tools to consciously dissolve the old partnership, and to deeply let go as you integrate the missing pieces of your connection into something new that is far more real, workable, and connected.
    • The practical resources you will definitely need as you create a new shared vision of the partnership that you may have only dreamed of.
    • The capacity to develop new skills to process overwhelming experiences create win-win situations when there is conflict, and to grow your relationship in beauty and deep, lasting love.
    • A direct opening to create an evolutionary partnership, one that holds healing, change, growth, and transcendence as the deep anchors of connection between the two of you.

    This is my most popular couples program. I have seen true and lasting changes take place. I have seen relationships filled with betrayal, hurt, and anger, completely turn around into partnerships that are creative, healed, happy, and whole. It has been a joy to see love blossom, sexuality heal, emotions and feelings become manageable, and love become so true and real that many hurts and heartaches can finally be put to rest.

    I breathe a sigh of relief when I share this. It is these Hallelujah experiences that light up my world. It is why I am here for you.

    If you have felt the overwhelming pain of betrayal caused by infidelity and want to know how you can cross over to the dawn of a new relationship, this program is for you.

    frequently asked questions

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    Sessions are usually 50 minutes long and once a week, however I also offer longer sessions and more frequent meetings as needed or desired.

    Therapy/Guidance Work

    Please feel free to call me so we can discuss my current fee. Hourly fees are for a 50 minute hour for individuals and a 60 minute hour for couples work.

    Additional time is pro-rated based upon the hourly fee or packaged hourly rate or as per agreement

    Immersion Programs

    Depending on the program you’ve chosen or wish to create, Immersions usually require a minimum of 5 hours and can often require longer. Some programs may even extend to a few days or up to a week, depending on the depth and desired evolutionary goals at hand. Please contact me for further details and to get started.

    Due to recent changes in the healthcare insurance system, I am no longer an “in-network provider” on insurance panels. However, your insurance company may allow you to utilize your mental health benefits with me as an “out-of network provider.” Please contact your benefits administrator for further information on your coverage.

    Other options to defer the cost of psychotherapy may include: HSAs – Health Savings Accounts FSAs – Flexible Savings Accounts – these allow you to set aside a certain amount of money through your employer or health insurance company to use for health related expenses, such as psychotherapy, or other treatment that regular medical insurance may not cover. Consult with your employer or insurance plan administrator for more information.

    Upon request, I provide invoice receipts for clients able to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement at their mental health plan rate. The same invoice can be used for obtaining reimbursement from Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Savings Accounts. I do not bill insurance directly.

    Please understand that coaching or spiritual development work, and psychotherapy are different endeavors and will be treated as such. Psychotherapy involves looking at the underlying mental and emotional cause of challenges and can often involve looking into the past. Spiritual development work is right for those ready to go beyond the stories of the personality and psyche, deep into the discovery and embodiment of your true nature.

    Unsure of what’s best for you? Let’s get on a call together to discuss your needs and see what’s wanted and needed at this time.

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