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Hi There! If you’re here, it’s likely that you’re curious about personal therapy, spiritual guidance or coaching work. You might have read a blog post I wrote, or been referred by a friend. Or, you’ve wondered just exactly how it is that your challenges can transform, so you can experience the fulfillment of your heart and souls wishes. It doesn’t really matter how you got here – I trust that you made it and we are connecting now. Super grateful you’re here.

Who are sessions for?

I take on select adult men and women, and couples who are:

  • Ready to for a big change in their lives because something just isn’t working.
  • Feeling disconnected to the pulse of their soul desires and are finally willing to face everything that’s in the way once and for all so that an entirely new life, the one you’ve been dreaming of, can have a chance to be born.
  • Longing to dissolve habituated patterns of mind, body and emotion that block the way to freedom, love, and fulfillment.
  • Ready to deepen your spiritual development work through the practices of meditation, inquiry and undefended openness, honesty and love.

No matter how much work you’ve done before, there’s always more inner work to do. I still meet with people who support me and guide me and I’ve been at this work my whole life. The learning and growing never ends, and as a result the freedom, love and wisdom continue to deepen. These are jewels I want everyone, including you to experience because I know the richness of life they create.

The support and mentorship you need is here. I’ve guided literally thousands of men, women and couples through multiple dark night of the soul crises and sufferings into lives they love and cherish.

One on one work quickly allows for the kind of transformational healing you are ready to have in your life so you can experience unbroken love, and undivided presence, along with awakened awareness right at the places that matter most.

Here’s what you can expect from me in our work together.

  • Consultation – to get started and assess what your needs are
  • Sessions – a way to custom design your sessions.
  • Pricing – per session or packages available
  • How To Be Truly Happy – so a real relaxation in your everyday life is alive and supporting you.

Clients have gone on to shift careers, create the partnerships of their dreams, and feel a noticeable shift in how they run their energy and consciousness in every part of their life. The result this brings is awakened awareness, wisdom, amazing creativity and pure hearted love.

How Are You Different From Other Therapists, Guides – Healer People? – How Do We Work Together?

Great question, I’ve been trained as a traditional psychotherapist, and also in trauma. I deeply understand early developmental conditioning and how it affects our patterns. All this is interwoven with the deep wisdom, awareness, presence and love that comes from studying and practicing extensively in multiple spiritual traditions. As a spiritual teacher and healer I’m actively engaged in bringing the deep knowledge right into the very places that need it most for your evolution and deep becoming. I’ve made these little drawings to help you.

Why Schedule a Session Now?

It’s such a personal decision to begin your inner work with a true guide and ally. I’m trusting if you’re, here it’s probably time and what it’s costing you to not feel the deep fulfillment of your soul and spirits wishes is probably not worth the suffering or painful you experience any more.

If you’re ready, then I’m inviting you into a deep healing sanctuary so you can let go of the you you’ve known, that’s ready to go, dissolve away, to allow the real you, to have a chance to fully live.

Are you finally ready to dissolve your mental and emotional patterns, heal trauma, manifest your soul dreams and completely change your life?

If you said yes, wonderful. You’re ready to begin.

What Can One Session Do For Me?

The conversation will start exactly where you are; there is nothing you need to prepare or work on before seeing me. There is a natural way that what’s ready will present itself and we will with care, presence, and awareness follow the thread to see where it takes us. Let’s see what is wanting to unfold.

Most people don’t want to follow the calling of their soul, because they are afraid that it will lead them to a life of isolation and poverty. No!

The one thing you don’t realize is that your struggles are simply a knock on the door, the only way your Soul can get your attention. Your Soul wants you to be happy, healthy, abundant and wise. Through our sessions together, you can turn your struggles into guideposts to lead you to the life you have dreamed of living for years.

How Do I Sign Up?

To pay for your first session in advance so that you don’t have to fuss with writing a check or dealing with payment during your session time, purchases can be made HERE.

While I don’t take insurance, I encourage you to call your insurance company and ask them what they cover for out-of-network outpatient counseling. I will give you an invoice showing all sessions paid that you may submit to them or your HSA (Health Savings Account), for reimbursement from your tax free savings account.