Posted on January 19, 2017 by Joanna

In this bonus live stream on forgiveness, Joanna shares an empowering message about the wonder of forgiveness. How can you forgive, especially during difficult times of your life when all feels lost?

Let’s get tender dear ones.

  • Joanna will share a very simple process of forgiveness, where you will learn the power of two simple words “begin again” to start over, and return to your innocent self with a new perspective and openness. Start over without any baggage; no story, self-blame or shameful carry over.
  • Finally, be supported on how to accept with ease your unique emotional growth, and realize that the most difficult times of your lives are not controlled by the outside, but ultimately by the one within, and how you decide to heal, and return back to your true and natural self.

Please click below to watch the video:

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