Want Deeper Stability in all your Flexibility?

Posted on December 25, 2017 by Joanna


I’ve been watching my little girl do handstands lately.

Six-year-old twirls and spins to no end. Dazzling.

Made me reflect – in all my life, like a lot of evolving women, I’ve had tremendous flexibility – can do-ness; in mind, body, and heart. We’re kind of wired that way for survival.

Remembering my pretzel body little girl – sitting on the floor, legs open, tummy laying down to watch TV with hands cupped on my face holding it up.

Easy to go into splits, back bends – no problem whatsoever.

Was relaxing, grounded, resting.

But somewhere along the way;

  • stress replaces ease
  • fear replaces ground
  • vigilance replaces resting

I’m crying writing this because when i look at the women and couples I serve I’m sad to see that I am not alone. AND, IT’S COMPLETELY REPAIRABLE.

I know you want more ease, grounded-ness, and a deep sense of inner rest. It’s the only thing I’m convinced of that will allow you to ascend at work and in partnership in the ways that you’ve imagined.

I wonder.


The knots in my stomach are starting to loosen, and finally the heat is kicking in, cozy-ing up the house.

I know I’m not very good at keeping soul revelation to myself while many people are suffering to learn to embody a deeper peace.

The answers feel affirming, showing me that my actions are track.

“…keep returning to the moment of distress and keep re-imprinting it with the love, presence, wisdom, compassion…”

“..give the fear the biggest possible context of understanding possible…”

“…find the place of deep rest in your body. Presence it. Expand it. Move with it….”

“…don’t be alone with it…{this one came in really LOUD}.

How does this connect to you?

My deepest heart wish is that you finally get free of the unrest, the stress and the ungrounded-ness that is holding you back from fulfilling what you KNOW in your SOUL, you came here to BE.

But, I’m not you, so I’m letting go to see how things unfold.

For me, I’m really relaxing into deeper levels of ease that I never knew were possible. And it’s allowing an ascension everywhere.

The fires this year in Sonoma County showed me how nothing is for sure in life except the deep embodiment of our soul wishes and all the goodness it brings.

If there was ever the moment to experience that.. it is now.

So, here you are.

Sending Sacred Love Your Way,


P.S. P.S. I’m opening up just THREE spots in my calendar this week to chat with you and if you’re resonating with the deeper stability and ease that’s possible here, I’m excited to chat with you. www.freecallwithjoanna.com

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