The Inside Job of Sacred Union

Posted on December 15, 2017 by Joanna


I’m seeing a lot of of talk on Facebook lately about Divine Union..

Not because of the flowy pictures of couples in white clothes walking on the beach together. They’re nice – but I’m SO excited about the real conversations it’s bringing forward.

You see, every day, I see clients longing for Sacred and Divine Union.

Sometimes it’s couples, ready for a profound love relationship, on the path, ready to jump in.

Other times, it’s the visionary women I serve, who are bringing forward their greatest gifts, and brilliance so that they can serve at their next level.

They ALL LONG FOR UNION, and a peace, a oneness, a wholeness, or a ‘coming home.’

I do too. Part of being a Medicine Woman For The Soul requires embodiment of this Sacred Union path, AS AN INSIDE JOB.

I’m realizing no one is talking about it from this inside angle. This hurts me because the deep inside is the fertile ground to seeding your desire for union.

I know what it’s like to feel the deep schism of not being in union WITH MYSELF.

  • Of feeling a total lack of equanimity.
  • Of feeling and living a life where my inner parts were running around in circles inside, un-grounded, fractured, lost and totally chaotic.

You can imagine what kind of life that creates.

And because of this initiation, I walked deep in the trenches to connect everything back together.

  • meeting all my lost parts with love and understanding
  • welcoming home all injuries, traumas, and wounds
  • addressing my mind patterns with openness and non-defense
  • opening my heart to all the inner ‘lost children’ within
  • inviting all my deep allies, both unseen and unseen to be with me
  • It’s literally taken me years.

    And yet, wholeness would have nothing less would it?

    The result, I feel a peace that NO ONE or NO-THING can ever take away from me.

    • I feel an excitement that is unconditioned and un-fuckwithable from anyone or anything outside of me.
    • I have energy that is off the charts, and I’m 45 years old, have two children and a full on life.
    • I have a marriage that is full of peace, exquisite deep love, and a growing sacred delight every single day
    • I have on spirit redial, constant access to the sacred and creative realms so I can design and embody the wishes of my soul.
    • Is this something you’re wanting too?

      Can you imagine your life, with this kind of sacred and divine union, living and breathing at your core – in all that you say, be, or do?

      Can you feel the difference it would make to experience this kind of energy and peace emanating from the center of your being?

      If you’re reading this far, I’m feeling you resonating with this. And I’d love to invite you in for a chat to see how I can literally help you take this further, all the way into your love, where it matters to YOU the most.

      I’ve got a few spaces this week and I have a feeling that one of them is meant to be for you.

      Big Love,


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