Spiritual Lineage

The Divine Feminine

SHE has so many names now, the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the Great Mother, the Feminine, and many more. For those engaged on the spiritual path, she can no longer be denied. Now is the time to allow her to see her full power and to play in the ever-unfolding healing of ourselves, our relationships, and this world. My heart is filled with such a deep gladness that she’s being honored more and more, and putting an end to so many painful syndromes and addictions. It is my great privilege to help undo the dark legacies of denial, disrespect, inequality, valuelessness and worthlessness, that have come from denying the Great Mother.

I’ve experienced deep transformation personally and I’ve also seen her play a huge healing role in the work I offer. You may be interested to explore how we work with her through Feminine Rising Now.

Sacred Femme Phoenix Rising

Now We can no longer afford to live without her in our lives. Neither can the earth bear the cost of her preciousness staying unrecognized as an incredible gift to us all. In Sacred Phoenix Femme Rising, we recognize her. We give our lives the possibility to experience a new kind of fresh, tremendous power. We witness her showing up in our lives, as the most tender heart, the fiercest love, and wisdom, boundless creativity, desperately needed peace, balance, and most important, love.

Meditation, Spiritual Practice & Spiritual Inquiry

From my first yoga and meditation class at age 17, I was profoundly affected by the power of the support to simply rest in my true Self. All instructions I have ever received point back to the true Self. It’s timeless, ageless, and translates across all religions and spiritual paths. This true Self place opens us to a tremendous inner world that holds answers, reflections, awareness, insights, and compassion. Some say this is what we are seeking, but I believe that this is always seeking us. It has many names: God and Goddess, The Divine, The Great Mystery, and Pure Being, just to name a few. This love has carried me forward throughout my life as I continued to study the various meditation traditions and it has taken me on delicious nitty-gritty wild journey through the worlds of Zen, Vipassana, Tibetan Buddhism and the Bhakti & Devotional Practices of the Hindu traditions, Native American and South American Wisdom traditions, Chanting, Dreaming, and many more. I have also been deeply guided by the self-inquiry, process, and being work of founding fathers such as A.H. Almaas, Adyashanti, Ramana Maharshi, and Eckhart Tolle. Through self -inquiry, we ask repeating questions to help you dissolve the layers between the false and the real, the untrue and the true, and the darkness and light. This self-inquiry work is profound in removing barriers to your deeper Self, and providing a pathway from the appearance of the ego back to your true Self origins. Self-inquiry gives us a much clearer concept of who we are and who we aren’t, and what is true and what is not. It sheds an awakening fire-light on the conditioned mind and its structures. From this place approached with love and grace, the ‘grip’ on our personality and identity continues to loosen. Shifts happen, openings reveal, and life reveals its ever amazing majesty to us. I have been teaching meditation and yoga classes to teens and adults at many locations throughout the Bay Area since 1994.

Eternal Love – My Grandmother’s Teaching

remember when I was 14 and my favorite Grandmother had just died. Deep in the throes of a dysfunctional family, I retreated to my bedroom with the blue flowers on the wall and looked up at the pictures of all my role models.

I was sobbing because I had little family in America and now, even though she lived 6,000 miles away, she was gone, departed to another place. As I lit a candle and put on some music that reminded me of her, I sat on the floor cross legged and closed my eyes and just felt my love for her and how much she loved me. I worried that it would leave me. But I was ripe for a teaching on what is real, and even more so what is real love.

Slowly, I took a slow breath. And it was then, at this little moment of grace that I felt something. A warm knowing, a quiet voice from her soul spoke to me and told me all was well. I sensed a deep peace and a love so warm and pure it touched me in a way that has never left me. It’s here now as I share this with you.

Evolutionary Partnership… and Little Ones

Another path very dear to my heart (you’ve probably noticed there is a tribe of dears), is the path of evolutionary partnership and family. There are relationships of convention and convenience and the ones that are mega romance only. Those aren’t me. Never have been. Can’t imagine they will be. I do some of my deepest work in partnership with my beloved. It is one of the main temples in my matrix of paths, and a profound teacher of all that the great teachers talk about. And so I honor that, in you as well. Add to partnership the mix of family and children and what they can evoke in us. Then come other teachings such as innocence, joy, wonder, and boundless creativity. Not to mention boundless energy, which I’m not turning down, especially as I move into midlife as a wife and a mother of two school-age children.

The Power of an Integrative Path

I feel a deep respect and grace to offer to you a unique blend of full-spectrum training as a psychotherapist and spiritual guide where our work together will continue to cultivate the psychic and spiritual muscle through combining the meditative and spiritual practice with the therapeutic process as it unfolds, returning you to your true home within.

You can probably tell that I’m into everything being my teacher. That is because I have come to a deep trust in letting life teach me everything that will help me truly awaken and come home to all there is. I offer this deep trust to you as we work together.

I want you to know where I am coming from, so you can feel into how you will be received, and I’m looking forward to opening to that with you in the time ahead.