“The benefit of pilgrimage to holy places is not because of their rich history, but for the fact that divine blessings can be experienced when visiting them. Their very soil is impregnated with a higher consciousness.”


You’re Invited to drink in the
transmission of the divine feminine, uniting peace, love and wisdom in your heart, mind and body. Nothing in your life will ever be quite the same, ever again.

15th – 26th September, 2018

Dear Evolving Woman,

I talk to women every day, just like you, who are giving so much of themselves as entrepreneurs, healers, and parents. You are diving into yourself SO deep – to be excellent, to give so much of yourself and evolve. I also hear of this deep need for you to recharge and to really step out of your every-day experience to receive this direct transmission of divine nourishment and I know no better place for this than India. My own experience there have been transformational, mind-blowing, and deepening, across all life. 

It has been a dream of mine to create a life-changing experience where I can bring you along for this sacred journey. If you immediately get the sense, and feel the pull deep in yourself that this is what you need, you can read all details below and register today. if you are curious that there is something stirring inside of you, but you are not sure how to take a leap, I am available to get on a call, so we can connect and discuss.

Who is this for?
If you are…
  • Struggling and learning how to relax and let your life be fueled from the rich potent power of the feminine – so you can flow with greater love, creativity and peace.
  • Discovering how to relax and trust the power of your natural being to bring everything into alignment and greater balance.
  • Refining how to nourish yourself in harmony with the divine and value the power of self-giving and self-care, so you can trust that this makes your life even better, and to experience this giving to self as an additive thing rather than a subtractive thing. 
This Pilgrimage is here to answer to the call if you want to…
  • From now on, experience the rest of your life with more ease and reclaim more of your feminine power, relax more and let that loose in your work, become a better parent and partner.
  • Celebrate life with more radiance, delight and happiness.
  • Value and strengthen your own need to retreat and relax and regenerate your own soul with direct transmissions from teachers and places that bring that into your own body, being and heart.
  • Safeguard your precious life-force energy, and consciously prevent burnout.
  • Uplevel your ability to be a better parent, partner and entrepreneur in today’s world… requires that you must continuously upgrade your inner container, your inner mother and level of drinking in divine nourishment. Your work requires that you really keep a balance and don’t deplete who you are at your core.
  • Recharge, so you can live and give at the level you’re capable of… without giving too much of yourself or getting sucked into codependent entanglements.
You can’t do this alone. You will be deeply supported
​in a sacred juicy matrix of amazing and
​transformational energy and the healing of a
​collective group of people who are all in the same boat.

Join us on this transformational Pilgrimage into the Sacred Feminine Soul of India, where you are invited to immerse yourself in the rich nectar of the ancient goddesses of one of the world’s oldest traditions and receive deep holding and renewal of your divine feminine through actual transmission of these sacred sites in Mother India. 

If you have felt the need for a different kind of spiritual regeneration, if the wells of your giving and living in this world have run a bit too dry, there is no psychic or spiritual place inside that will be left outside the love and wisdom literally emanating out from these sacred places.

This is call to your soul… to bring alive your inner, rich, and potent feminine – under the Grace of powerful Goddesses showering fierce love, wisdom, compassion and illumination so bright that no struggle can remain the same ever again.

All while being supported held together through this journey, with grace,
​kindness and delight. 

​To Your Sacred and Divine Feminine,

P.S. For more information and bookings,
please contact:

"Joanna is one of the most insightful, wise women I know. She can see patterns clearly and is great at helping one map their way to creating the life they want. Rigorous honesty, deep compassion and honest self appraisal are qualities Joanna possesses. I truly appreciate the growth work we've done together."

Kassie Welch


​Here is what awaits you on this
​life-changing journey…​

Day 1

Meet in Amritsar

Night stay at Amritsar

In Amritsar, our first destination, you’ll have the opportunity to receive a profound transmission of grace and friendliness, rich in an atmosphere of non-stop spiritual practice and sincere devotion.

Day 2

Amritsar sightseeing: Golden Temple

Night stay at Amritsar

Our journey will take us next to Golden Temple, where you’ll experience deep peace, magnificence with strength coupled with a holy transmission from this Gurudwara – temple, that calls itself, home of the throne to the ‘timeless one’- Akal Takht. Perfect for us Westerners, so rooted and governed by time.

A few minutes here will deliver peace and release.

Day 3

Travel to Jammu

Night stay at Jammu​​​

Our next destination will be Jammu and Kashmir. If you’ve ever wondered if there is a “Heaven on Earth” with its exotic mountainous landscape and beautiful shrines for soulful women, this, is, IT. Whatever has felt outside of beauty and true perspective will now come home, where it belongs inside of you.

You’ll experience here, an unimaginable world of Divine Beauty.

Day 4

Jammu: Vaishnod Devi Temple

Night Stay at Jammu​​​​

In this most epic day, you’ll experience the enchanting Vaishno Devi Mandir, a Hindu temple dedicated to Vaishno Devi, also known as Mata Rani and MaLakshmi. Imagine receiving a rainfall of blessings of prosperity, abundance and good fortune. She is revered by millions around the world and her stream of sacred presence will be sure to penetrate your heart and soul – so let your prayers be heard, and start with them now. There will be adventurous travel of 13 km uphill on foot or by helicopter

It’s said if you chant ‘Jai Mata Di’ while trekking up 13 KM with full faith; She [Mother] will endow you with peace and wealth all your life – yes please!

Day 5

Travel to Dharamsala

Night stay at Dharamsala​​​​

Our next destination will be Dharamsala, home of the 14th Dalai Lama. You’ll drink in this place of peace and harmony while by virtue of your being there, spreading the same throughout the world. Absorb this lovely sweetness deep into your being as your human being is seeped in the sublime and silent beauty of the Himalayas. 

Our home for the next few days – a spiritual jewel your heart will never leave.

Day 6

Visit Jwalamukhi

Vajreshwari and

Chintpurni Devi Temples

Night stay at Dharamsala​​​​

As we honor your sacred feminine our our spiritual journey, we visit Jwalamukhi Temple, dedicated to Goddess Jwalamukhi, the deity of Flaming Mouth, who was born when gods concentrated their individual energy on the ground to retreat from the atrocities of the demons. The Goddess Durga is one of her emanations and she will light up your inner Shakti (Feminine Life-Force) with the spirit of the invincible mother. This is sure to be a renewal favorite.

Next we visit Vajreshwari Temple. Get ready to take in deep calm and quiet which transmits deep inner peace to the body. 

As we journey on to Chintpurni Devi Temple, a major pilgrimage temple came into being after the goddess Chinnimastika Devi – ‘The Goddess without a Head’, who is a divine embodiment of self-sacrifice. Now is the time for conscious sacrifice of all that must go – so that all that is ready to be born can deliver. What will you let go of?

We will meditate as a group and chant before heading
​to fall in love with these divine mothers.​

Day 7

Visit DGL Nunnery

(Tenzin Palmo),

Baijnath Temple and

Chamunda Devi Temple

Night stay at Dharamsala​​​​

Our next day visit will be to Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery, meaning “Garden of the Authentic Lineage” a place of intellectual and spiritual potential for nuns and founded by Tenzin Palmo. This place will birth into being a new kind of humility, born from a spiritual environment seeped in dharma practice exclusively by women. You soul will be touched by these young nuns, ferocious in their spiritual practice, transmitting to us something we can all borrow for our own lives.

At the Bajinath Temple, a home of Parvati, you will replenish and be deeply charged up by this multifaceted goddess of fertility, love and devotion; as well as of divine strength and power.

Our last destination of this day will be Chamunda Devi Temple, a renowned holy shrine, where a divine aura spell-bounds visitors with its sincere ritual and practice. Get ready to feel lighter and mesmerized by the clarity this brings – out of ignorance and into your true nature. I can’t wait to go back here because I know the immense power this brings and I want you all to experience it.

Chamunda Ma is absolutely unforgiving towards evil,
​so be ready for her to kill all that’s pulling you down.

Day 8

Dharamsala sightseeing:

Dalai Lama Temple,

McLeod Ganj Market

Night stay at Dharamsala​​

The next day we will continue our spiritual journey to the Dalai Lama Temple, where you’ll experience a beautiful serenity, perfect for long serene walks, or early morning meditation with chanting monks. This is a tremendous blessing and opportunity to experience.

If we have a good fortune, we may even meet his Holiness Dalai Lama.

We will visit McLeod Ganj Market, where you’ll will find beautiful things including sacred supports for meditation, yoga, jewelry and anything else as a sweet totem of our journey to carry this magnificent magic back home.

Day 9

Dharamsala sightseeing:

Norbulingka Institute,

Gyuto Monastery

(HH Karmapa)​​

On this day, we will be visiting the Norbulingka Institute and Gyuto Monastery. Norbulingka Institute is a unique institute dedicated to the preservation of beautiful Tibetan art and culture. The Gyuto Monastery is home to over 500 monks – and here the silence is so penetrating and the transmission of spiritual devotion so deep, you’ll never experience your spiritual and self-care practices quite the same again.

The monasteries strengthen the silence in you
​and free you completely. So immerse yourself!​

Day 10

Free Day​

What do you need day! Unstructured time so you can rest, shop or go trekking or simply relax at the hotel delighting in the local cuisine. We’ll have a chance to enjoy the luminous beauty of local gardens, an art center and see how a local women’s empowerment organizations attends to the feminine side of things, the Indian way.

Day 11

Return to Amritsar​

Our last destination will be Amritsar, the end of our beautiful sacred feminine pilgrimage where you will arrive no doubt spiritually renewed, divinely guided and ready for whatever is waiting for you in your life – forever changed.

Your Pilgrimage Includes:

  • All meals – We will be enjoying delicious Indian cuisine. Sorry, no special arrangements can be made, but you will be able to select various (mostly) veggie dishes, some salads, and rice, nan, etc. It would be a good idea to enjoy Indian food and Chai. 🙂
  • Accommodations – We will be enjoying eleven (11) nights of accommodation in 4-5 star hotels.
  • Transportation – We will travel in comfortable air conditioned buses with large windows to view the beautiful landscapes.
  • Daily yoga, meditation & prayer sessions – Opportunities to recharge and nourish, so you can flourish.
  • Compassion & community – You’ll experience a tangible atmosphere of care and support from me and your fellow travelers.
  • Intimate group – We will accept limited travelers in this program, so that we don’t lose the intimacy of a smaller group.
  • Complete admission to all temples, and helicopter transportation to Vaishno Devi Mandir.
… all for just $3,197!

Ready to recharge &
​reclaim your feminine power?​​​

We welcome you – let this rich spiritual journey begin.

"Joanna is one of the most insightful, wise women I know. She can see patterns clearly and is great at helping one map their way to creating the life they want. Rigorous honesty, deep compassion and honest self appraisal are qualities Joanna possesses. I truly appreciate the growth work we've done together."

Kassie Welch


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely - they are on first come, first served basis. Please notify us ASAP, joanna@joannaintarazim.com


India is not easy travel. You should be in relatively good health and be able to walk comfortably without trouble. Nothing is ever as you expect - and for those who are willing to surrender expectation, divine miracles will unfold.


Our yoga and meditation will be simple and and flowing and it is OPTIONAL. You know what is best for your own body and being, so TRUST it, and go with that.


No. You are responsible for flights in and out of Amristar. Of course, you can fly into another city closeby and take the train - it would be wise to plan this out well in advance and not travel alone. Please purchase refundable tickets in the event of trip cancellation, or if you prefer non-refundable, you’ll need to wait until November 1st, 2017. It is also strongly recommended to purchase travel insurance.


You are welcome to reserve a private one hour session with Joanna for any point of the pilgrimage. It is wise to expect that as this is a trip of purification, inner material will arise - so self care and proper preparation are extremely important. There will be group share time and you will no doubt make many soul friends and rapidly expand an all levels.


Yes. You will need a travel visa. When I went last September they were issuing 10 year visas, but as with life, everything changes. Please get your passport in working order and obtain your visa well in advance (at least 3 months). Avoid the fun of last minute visa situations.


We will be traveling during a tolerable time of weather. Much of India has a patchy climate: warmer in the days and cooler in the evenings. A light jacket or layering is best to accommodate fluctuating temperatures. Shoes that are comfortable for walking, including sandals and tennis shoes. A head cover may be required for women and men at certain temples. Check guidebooks for medical kit supplies and other items you may wish to bring.


Immunizations are not required to visit India. However, they are highly recommended. You will need to check with your doctor and obtain well in advance.. I got the Tetanus and Hepatitis A vaccine last time I went. Please visit the CDC website for further recommendations. CDC website: http://wwwn.cdc.gov/travel


For its size, India has a very low crime rate and is generally a safe country. However, as with any international travel, please be aware of your surroundings. Always make sure your purse is zipped and wallets are in sealed pockets. In the markets, be vigilant of pick-pockets and distraction scams. Additionally, at the train/bus stations and airports, monitor your luggage at all times.


Yes, English is commonly spoken throughout India. In fact, most children, particularly in the cities, learn English first in school. It is the most important language for commercial, national, and political status. Hindi is the national language and primary tongue for 40% of Indians. However, there are 21 other official languages, including Gujarati, Tamil, Punjabi and Sanskrit.