Silver and Light – My New Royal Crown

Posted on December 18, 2017 by Joanna


I was 30 when I started highlighting my medium-brown hair to blonde.

Hairdresser thought it would ‘brighten my face.’

I kept going. Didn’t even notice the gray hairs coming in.

Birthing children, growing a marriage, running a business.

Blonde shifted to red. Fires from my empowered self, erupting out my head.

Fifteen years has flown by, like lightening.

And recently, after loss, the MAGIC OF MY SOUL is rushing in.

Bright and luminous, radiant and delightful, transforming and awakening.

Time is precious, as well as the dawning of my crone energy.

Not the same need to focus on maiden or mother beauty, and no longer feeling the need for fire up top.

There’s a new gal in town. Silver and white. Older and wiser. Soulful and timeless.

And she’s claimed her place at my crown.

And the fire priestess is stepping down.

And society may frown. But I don’t care.

And what a freedom this is.

To be in harmony with nature’s flow.

And with this movement, I will go.

I will go.

I will go.

LOVE to hear your stories on BECOMING your silver and light crown.

I will post pics of my big transition soon.

Thank you to Sara Sophia Eisenman for your inspiration.

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