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Make The Sacred Shift​ Community – with Sacred Prayer Ceremony

Here you discover a community of those who find and develop spiritual riches, not a group forever trapped in spiritual “seeking.” Our intention is to wake up to this enlightening call, often masked in gritty packaging, and let that not be just okay, but embrace it. You do not need to take this journey alone.

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Make The Sacred Shift Retreat

Never before has there been such a deep urgency for the healing of your feminine on this earth. You are here to be heard, seen and received. You have played small, felt stuck, been put down and shut down, felt lost or negative for too long. You need to rise up in full wholeness, totally backed by your sisters in an unbroken, undivided bond of ‘got your back’ and total love. The She Rises Retreat invites you to come and creatively explore yourself through personal and group interactive processes, ceremony, ritual, music, self inquiry, yoga, meditation and so much more.

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pilgrimage to the sacred feminine soul of india

You’re invited to drink in the transmission of the divine feminine, uniting peace, love, and wisdom in your heart, mind, and body. Nothing in your life will every be quite the same, ever again.

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self-study programs

awakened courage full journey

So many of you have come to this work because you want to let go of the pain that is shutting you down and closing you off to life. You’d love to release what is not important, including lack of support, distraction, and obstacles or challenges. I’m inviting you to discover what awaits you when you give yourself the opportunity to rise up in your true soul strength, love, and wisdom, into a fuller expression of your desired and Awakened Courage.

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full-hearted living

So now you know your heart type! Discover what awaits you when you begin the full Hearted Living Journey, and meet the opportunity to soar into a fuller capacity of your precious heart. If you are interested in going all the way with your Full Hearted Self, I invite you to participate with me in this deep, rich journey of transformation. You’ll get all 6 Heart Type Audios, the Complete Full Hearted Living Journey Guidebook, and all 6 Heart Healing Mantras for the whole-hearted awakening journey.

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Finding Freedom -Breaking Free from the Shackles of Fear for a Life of Strength, Serenity and Success

This one-of-a-kind, easy-to-implement and powerfully effective program will give you the tools and techniques you need to overcome fear, create a life of love and freedom and savor soul-centered relationships with yourself, your family and your work.

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