Say YES To Shifting Into What You WANT!

Posted on December 28, 2017 by Joanna


Last night I was watching my kids play freely after we gathered around the fire for family cuddles.

The game? I can make anything happen because I’m charge.”

Just the NORMAL way nine and six year old little humans play FREELY with imagination, power, creativity, and ultimately TRIUMPH. (right?)

Meanwhile, I watch the successful ladies and couples I work with labor with the adult versions of the same things.

  • They’re successful in the world, but feeling alone and disconnected.
  • They’re powerful in meetings, but struggle with utilizing their own power to overcome their deepest behind-the-scenes soul challenges.

It’s got me wondering.

How do we get SO lost along the way, IN FEAR, SELF-DOUBT, AND SECOND GUESSING OURSELVES?

My stomach feels a familiar tightness in the asking. My soul speaks with a voice I’m feeling drawn to.

“We believe the IMPRINTS, created by REPEATED experiences that shroud around our true self, making it hard to BE the consciousness, presence and love that we already are underneath…”

“And because we learn that LOVE equals BEING IN RELATIONSHIP with those who create those imprints (parents, caregivers, and society), we believe that FEAR AND SELF DOUBT ARE NOTHING DIFFERENT THAN FEELING LOVED.”

{{…coughs and big breath…}}

“…and because relationships are so critical to getting EFFED up.. they are SO necessary to get UN-messed up as well…”

I listen more – the soul, she goes on…

“…be more of a support to everyone who is going through exactly THIS.”

“…share the specific meditative and interpersonal magic that you’ve used to kick suffering to the curb and become embodied to be the magic you really are…”

So, I’m listening – and all of this his reminds me that I’m on track with exactly how I’m here to serve in this world with 2018 coming right up.

What does this mean for you?

All I wish is for you to overcome the challenges of disconnection, suffering, and alone-ness that haunt you, and reclaim your strength, your peace, and your deep lasting happiness, IN EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE.

For me, I’m turning up the volume FULL-ON in this way, MORE THAN EVER.

The fires up here in Sonoma County this year have reminded me once again how incredibly precious and fleeting this life is.

And how important your peace, happiness and releasing from suffering truly is.

Is there really any room for you to shove off this journey any more?

Even if you’ve waited until now to get started, you’re still able to win.

So now is the great time to begin.

Warmest Love,


P.S. I’m opening up just TWO spots in my calendar next week to chat with you if you’re resonating with the soul-winning that’s possible here and if that is you, I’m so excited to chat with you.

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