Posted on January 10, 2018 by Joanna


In a time where women’s empowerment is front and center, I think we can do better to support each other more.

It’s not that I haven’t asked around, looked within or questioned myself.

I’ve thought:

  • Maybe it’s just my age.
  • Or that I’m not single.
  • Or where I live.

But, maybe it’s none of those.

I can’t imagine a single good reason why it is trendy and hip-speak right now for women to be calling each other bitches or biatches or which ever other way it is ‘cool’ to say it. But, I’m open to you sharing that with me if you’ve got a perspective you think I, or women like me need to hear.

Maybe it’s that there’s so much oppression from the dark masculine forces and calling people bitches has sadly become the norm, because it didn’t always used to be this way.

Maybe it’s the way we women are trying to take the power of bitch away from the masculine – like, if they’re going to call us that for whatever reason, we’ll take it from them and use it amongst ourselves to de-power it from them.

Maybe there’s the trickle down idea, that women playfully call other women bitches when there are competitive or aggressive energies in the space (kind of like what men do), but we don’t yet know well how to deal with that – or if we do, we’re still scared to, so it’s easier to play the ‘bitches’ game, and pretend that we love each other in the way that women can do that when there are unsavory feelings between them.

Maybe women are still learning to not play by the men’s rules, but it’s hard and we need more support to OWN the value of our deeply intuitive, feeling and emotional nature and to DEEPLY BE IT, with each other, and with the men in our lives.

You see, I’ve been looking at this a lot lately because I have been in some groups where this just seems normal.

I have no judgment – just the belief that it seems there are more esteemed ways we can support each other, refer to each other and name each other.


Maybe it’s time we really look at why ‘bitch’ became the catch all of difficult experiences, emotions, sensitive places and reclaim the sacred truth in it all. If there is a place for the ‘sacred bitch,’ what is it?

And maybe we can listen to the deeper call of what THAT work really requires of us.

  • to go deeper with our vulnerability
  • to be more open about our sensitivity
  • and to develop the language and INTERPERSONAL ABILITY to be able to have the conversations that we actually need to have about it.

How we relate to another women or allow another women to relate to us says a lot about what we find acceptable and what energies we allow in to our hearts, minds and bodies.

It also says a lot to men about how we want to be talked to or about, specifically when there are edges, and we all know there are many of those that are currently up for being faced.

I don’t know about you, but I feel we have a precious opportunity to consciously connect with each other while we are here, in bodies.

When I imagine myself at the end of the day savoring all my memories of the amazing conversations with my soul sisters, I just don’t want bitch or biatch or anything close to be at the top of the list.

I’m inviting an open conversation – what are we really doing with our words? And why?

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