Never before has there been such a deep urgency
for the healing of your feminine on this earth.

You are here to be heard, seen and received. You have played small, felt stuck, been put down and shut down, felt lost or negative for too long. You need to rise up in full wholeness, totally backed by your sisters in an unbroken, undivided bond of ‘got your back’ and total love.

Literally every single day, women like you are rising up into the fullness of their whole selves. They rise beyond insecurity and doubt, beyond fear and littleness, beyond impoverished consciousness and restriction.

And where are women going?

Women are beginning to live legendary lives filled with abundance and creative control, days filled with free will and more peace, and relationships that are fulfilling and satisfying.

We are launching lives free of control and dominance, and free to explore and cultivate a deeply nourishing spirituality among a stellar tribe of true sisters.

For too long you have lived in the shadows, living a shell of the life your soul knows is possible. Somewhere inside a bigger dream is knocking on your psychic door.

The question is, are you going to answer it?
Can you afford not to?

I want to invite you into a world where ‘She’ is rising among her true sister tribe.

I’m welcoming you to a place where the inner world, the spiritual world and the manifesting world collide in a juicy, heartful and soulful sanctuary of rising up, together, as one.

Join other women for this unique weekend retreat opportunity to expand your consciousness, ground and nurture your body, tend to your heart, and reconnect with your true spirit callings. You will experience a community filled with a love and wisdom that supports a life you can now not imagine.

The Make The Sacred Shift Retreat invites you to come and creatively explore yourself through personal and group interactive processes, ceremony, ritual, music, self inquiry, yoga, meditation and so much more.

Women from past retreats have gone on to join the Sacred Circle that meets monthly – the community that has developed here over the last eight years is rich, nourishing, and supportive. We’re here for one another as we navigate through life passages, challenges, personal and professional growth unfolding.

Women from past retreats have desired a new retreat each year to deepen and grow the evolving work unfolding.

Next retreat:

July 2017 – date TBD

Details :

Tucked away in the Western Occidental Wine Country, Wild Wood Retreat Center provides a gorgeous refuge and haven for our time together.

Flow Of Our Time Together:


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My Invitation to You…

I’m inviting you into a truly collaborative sisterhood, where our support for each other is totally pure hearted, and our dedication to our freedom is undeniable. We will embrace our capacity to use relationship to heal our broken places, not only healing ourselves, but for the power of the feminine as a whole, restoring inner and outer worlds into balance on this earth.

Once we unite our love, gifts, and powers inside, once we heal our perceived broken or damaged places, once we let the gift of the true feminine in all her majesty in, and share it with our sisters, our collective life and the love force inside ourselves, and as a sisterhood, becomes undeniable, unshakable and unstoppable.

As a warm swirling dance of love and excitement surges through my body, heart, and soul…

I want to welcome you to the Make The Sacred Shift Retreat. CLICK HERE to sign up.

To Your Fierce Feminine Heart,