Sacred Shifting Into Your Awakening Self!

Posted on December 27, 2017 by Joanna


Seeing massive consumerism last week whipped my mind into a new world.

Watching the collective inhale of goods and more stuff.

Of meals to prepare, places to go, and people to be with.

And the stress of overwhelm.

That really just wants inner-quiet, peace, and joy.

The noise and unrest that just want to exhale, open more and relax.

Wondering as I buy gifts, what’s really real and important.

Feeling my own mind amped up, watching the worlds stage.

Seeing the need to release the clinging to the untrue, the not real.

Taking in the truth that WE ALL GO THROUGH THIS, ALL THE TIME.

Taking a break this week up to Sorenson’s Family Cabins in the Sierra Nevada, taking in soul nourishment at year end and cooking up what’s next for you all.

And all I can focus on is:

“How can I help more people?”

“What is the most efficient and accessible way to release the not authentic selves?”

“How am I meant to serve, and catalyze shifting into awakening waters that shower struggle and suffering into FREEDOM?

I love the warm feeling of peace in my heart, that goes with the inquiring, a practice I often use.

Thank goodness I am centered enough today to hear the response.

And I can see that I ‘m on it.

“…Enjoy the confidence that deep inner work brings, and share it more…”v

“…Find ways to expand those split-second consciousness openings…”

“…Release societal expectations more…(this one makes me quivery)…”

“…Gift more, from the abundance and overflow you already have…”

How does this impact you? It’s time for you to shift your partnership and every other place you don’t feel free and lit up to embody the wishes of your soul. But I’m not holding the keys to your taking action to launch ahead!!

For me, it means being unapologetically shameless in owning my gifts, SO I CAN SERVE YOU BETTER.

We know time is precious and life is short and sweet and THIS MOMENT TO BE CONSCIOUS IS SACRED.

If there was ever a time to take the moments of consciousness you have, the ones, that if you let them, shift your worlds, that time is now.

So here you are, and if you’ve read this far, it’s your time.

So, what’s next?

Sending Warmest HolyDays Love,


P.S. I’m opening up just a few spots in my calendar next week to chat with you if you’re resonating with the deep shifting that’s possible here and if that is you, I’m so excited to chat with you.

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