In an Era where Spiritual Teachers and Personal Growth Work are a dime a dozen, Authentic Spiritual Guidance is no longer optional. It’s a Necessity.

Spiritual work is not about becoming fake happy or enlightened in the way that most people think. Actually, spiritual awakenings, both small and large, can occur all the time. And the reality is that they are just the beginning of the real work of addressing our human condition, which is what we are here for. So how do we do that?

Every challenge, every pain, every feeling of struggle or isolation is here to teach us, to constantly awaken us back towards transformation, goodness, and embodied awakening. This recognizes the understanding that every part of our humanness is here to be an ally, a support, and a portal directly into the heart of our own authentic natural Self.

This painful call has not given up on you. It wants your attention, my attention, the whole world’s attention. It will not give up. It cannot give up.

Here you discover a community of those who find and develop spiritual riches, not a group forever trapped in spiritual “seeking.”

Our intention is to wake up to this enlightening call, often masked in gritty packaging, and let that not be just okay, but embrace it.

When this happens with grace, like breathing, the freedom you experience will become limitless, like the sky. Your life cannot help but feel magic, alive, wild and juicy, and incredibly vital, filled with unlimited creativity, peace and love that you cannot now imagine.

It is available to us all. It has always been there, but often due to early conditioning we ‘left’ that place early on in our lives. You can return there, but you need to know this.

It cannot happen if you stay in just what you know or think.

It won’t happen if you stay exactly where you are now.

It won’t happen if you read another spiritual book or pull an affirmation card.

Spiritual knowing is no longer enough if it stays in the closet and is never worn in the world. And the reality is, the world needs your wisdom and love brought forward courageously, to all the places that need it. You cannot afford to stay bound up and unfulfilled.

And you do not need to take this journey alone.

Welcome to the Make The Sacred Shift Community + with Sacred Prayer Ceremony

We begin with a Scared Prayer Ceremony, to ready and ripen our minds, hearts and souls for the group work, which is deeply potentiated by the meditative transmission of the Sacred Prayer Ceremony.

You have the option to attend the Sacred-Prayer Ceremony on its own (see below), or as preparation for the Make The Sacred Shift Community (recommended).


Sacred-Prayer Ceremony

Every hurt, every obstacle, and every wish and dream is really a soul prayer reaching out to bring you back home.

The flickering signs pointing the way are like endless messages from your spirit, never ever giving up, always reaching out, trying to bridge the barriers between love and fear, confusion and clarity, separateness and presence.

Are you ready to answer the call?

Your human challenges are your raw spiritual wholeness in disguise, like DNA, trying to bring you home and create new ways of living. To listen to their call, is to honor what is trying to re-code you back to all that is true, all that is love, and all that is presence, here, and now.

If you are finally ready to receive this message, each deep longing, all the hard lessons, and all of life’s quirky unfoldings, are the call you’ve been waiting to hear.

These echoes from your soul are the secret pathway catapulting you back, the pathway that will guide you to listen to the unstoppable call of your spirit to translate life’s messages, to honor and stay connected to your heart, your vision, and your destiny.

They are always here to deliver you right where you need to be.

When we are together, and we pray and intend, with our hearts true, and spirits open wide, amazing life changes happen, and they can happen fast. I’ve been a witness to this miracle over and over.

You are invited to come together with us, with your sacred intention of goodness for yourself and your life.

And to stay for the Sacred Love & Heart Wisdom Circle, where the sacred space of our individual and collective prayers ignites our Love and Wisdom within.

Monthly, through our meditation, prayer, intention, and music, we come together to seek truth, and sincerely apply the spiritual knowledge we already possess through the practices of self inquiry and heart-to-heart, down-to-earth conversations about what matters to you most.

Here is your opportunity to come together as soul friends and allies on the awakening path. You cannot, we cannot, do this alone. Not any more.

How to join

Participants, privately invited or by application, come together in a sacred circle with me. Here is where you share your deepest questions, concerns or heart longings.

My heartful and clear guidance, and Love and Wisdom emanation allows you to connect to this precious stream of spiritual development and growth work.

Learn to rest and ultimately take refuge in this opening of surrender, compassion, and love. And stream this light throughout your life and your world.

Come join us. Bring your heart, pure intention, care, and wisdom, as we seek to understand our daily lives, resolve our past, and break through the barriers so that our destinies and true nature may awaken now.

“There are many well-known spiritual teachers out there these days, both embodied and departed, guiding us to the inconceivable mystery at the end of our psychological suffering.

Those who have had the greatest impact on me have included: Nisargadatta Maharaj, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Papaji, Gangaji, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, Tony Parsons, Mooji, Ceanne DeRohan, and Joanna Intara Zim.

What distinguishes Joanna among these greats, masters all, is the intricacy of the path she illuminates in you — through the knots, canyons, twists, and turns of your conditioning — to the openness beyond it. Her presence and her teaching is a huge emergent gift to humanity right now, particularly in the West. We in the West suffer with unbearably complicated and persistent psychological & emotional patterns.

What I discovered is that the misery of these patterns can feel locked in place, no matter how much the remedy of awareness is applied. Joanna’s teaching brings us directly and specifically through every nook and cranny of our humanness, without ever allowing our mind to conclude that we will at some point transcend it. Prodigious psychodynamic skill and ruthless compassion combine in Joanna. When you work with her, you’ll feel your way to peace and the aliveness that is waiting to pour out of you.”