Partnership metamorphosis

Real Love Pearl V.I.P.

Dear Couples on The Verge, Are you a couple who loves each other but have gotten lost along the way?

Are you tired of trying to get through the day, doing the painful dance around problems (that are really precious opportunities for fuller living, deeper loving and meaningful connection?)

Will you let love and intimacy slip away?

Every partnership has an opportunity to experience the full blossoming of an amazing, loving connection together. But many couples live in some form of struggle, compromise and stuckness. They dream of another life where a fulfilling partnership truly begins.

Guiding couples to mine the pearls hidden in the rub of conflict and crossover to the other side, is my heart’s love and life calling.

I’m here to help you dissolve the relationship that isn’t working and rebirth the one that will. From that place, you will be able to jointly feel the love, peace, creativity and joy that is waiting for you.

Are you ready to...

  • Get off the edge of conflict and start turning around your struggles into deeper happiness
  • Let go of the barriers that keep you from love, intimacy and deep passion
  • Learn how to really address personal limitations that keep you from showing up fully in your relationship so that you can experience growth, empowerment and freedom
  • Reignite a healthy pattern of communication that helps each of you to get your needs met and inspires cooperation, collaboration and creativity
  • Instantly feel the effects of developing new patterns of opening to and understanding what your partner is really sharing with you
  • Develop ways to show up for challenges that are fresh, effective, playful and fun
  • Receive practical ways to grow inner-strength that can resolve many of the challenges couples face
  • Open to opportunities that expand your capacity for generosity and compassion
  • Have fun and experience the ease with which your relationship can actually exist and
  • Rekindle true love?
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To start your journey to real love today.

I’ve worked with countless couples over the last twenty years and guided them from power struggles, disconnection and loss of intimacy to true relationships that provides support, closeness, and an amazing path filled with real happiness.

This closeness inspires ease of communication and a natural relaxation into the goodness between you. You will develop the power to dissolve pain, struggle and everyday problems as well as long-standing hurt and pain.

I used to struggle in relationship, BIG TIME!

Coming from a family with BIG challenges on every level, I worked hard not to make the same mistakes I saw repeated throughout my lineage. But despite my best efforts, I found myself waking up one day to realize that a greater focus of attention and deeper commitment to dissolve the barriers to love was exactly what I would need. Otherwise I would have gone down the path of my parents, and their parents and so on, continuing the path of struggle, heartache, and disconnection.

No thanks. Not for me.

I made the decision instead to truly learn how to dissolve the barriers to love instead of clicking the dissolution box on the divorce papers. I dissolved the barriers to love with wisdom, heart and a fierce commitment to breaking the pain cycle.

My old relationship ways died, and the new
one birthed its way into my life. Just in time.

And this is now what I want to offer you…

I dissolved the barriers to love with wisdom, heart and a fierce commitment to breaking the pain cycle.

There is a way through the darkness, the lovelessness and the disconnection. And finding the answers lies in a deep surrender to the process of letting go. Once you can let go, the true love dormant beneath your challenges can be born and you can enjoy all the wonderful goodness that an amazing relationship can provide.

The true value of royal heartedness allows a new nobility to enter your communications with each other.

The gift of pure-hearted pride allows you to be honest with each other in the highest win-win for both of you and the relationship at all times.

An inner fierceness lets you direct your passion and intensity to breakthrough to the next level of your life.

I’ve seen over and over again that couples who embody these qualities in relationship are happy, connected, and deeply intimate The relationship can become a doorway to personal and spiritual growth and freedom. And then life, family and work begin to blossom.

If you’re ready to take this journey, to dissolve the relationship that isn’t working and rebirth the one that will, I’m inviting you now to…

Please join me for a one-of-a-kind Private Couple’s Journey on location in the Wine Country of California (or via Skype)

This is a stunning opportunity to seriously create and open to the relationship wishes of your hearts’ most amazing love.

I cannot tell you how many miraculous events unfold in a tangible atmosphere of openness, non-defense and love – allowing amazing partnership healing to permeate and rebirth new love lives together. And because I’ve personally experienced this, I want every couple who desires it, including you, to have it.

What Would It Be Like To Receive
Undivided Attention to Your Relationship?

You will be held through your journey by someone who has truly walked through the dark night of the soul relationship path and is here waiting for you on the other side. You will be guided by someone who deeply cares that you make it through as well.

We will navigate the shadows you two have carried, and release the life and love force hidden deep inside your hearts.

When you reach that real place together, the irritating grains of sand now blossom as precious pearls, revealing the treasures of:

  • Feeling secure attachment together
  • Restoring healthy instincts which become naturally reintegrated so your relationship begins to flourish in love, peace, freedom, creativity and wisdom
  • Living in your relationship with relaxation, spaciousness and ease
  • Recharging sexual connection, passionate love, and creative brilliance
  • The power of real love regenerated from shadows of disconnection

My heart knows the benefits of a truly amazing, supportive, and evolutionary couple’s relationship in this life and I want every couple, including you, to have it.

You will both be held in a deep embrace of safety and care, guided by a keenly intuitive perception to witness the gift of your love as it calls you to new life through the challenges you bring.

The 3-Month Real Love VIP Program Includes:

  • Six 60-minute couples VIP sessions (normally $1800)
  • Three 4-hour intensives (normally $3600)
  • Unlimited email and texting support (thousands of $)
  • Access to my Facebook Sacred Phoenix Rising Group, where you will receive valuable tips, advice and support
  • Access to my to my Awakened Courage Full Journey, which includes Audios and Journal Workbooks ($97)
  • Special gift of the Full Hearted Living Complete Course, which includes the Free Your Heart Now Quiz and complete Audio set and gorgeously designed PDF workbook.
  • Other surprise bonuses I can’t wait to gift you both.

Limited to a very select few applicants each offering cycle.

This alone is well worth over $11,000.

If you're ready to get free of partnership drama and suffering TODAY, you'll get the entire package for $8997 or two payments of $4797 (one now, and the other in 30 days)

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To start your journey to real love today.

What will couple’s work offer you?

For you as a couple, the road to an intimate, satisfying, meaningful and emotionally mature relationship filled with flow and love, is one that is can be quite painful and bumpy at times.

For some of you this looks like having an endless fight that never seems to get resolved, or never being able to truly create a middle ground. Perhaps the challenge looks like a feeling of deadness, stress, or difficulty communicating in the relationship. Or it looks like a complete breakdown in connection, a drifting apart, an affair, or a loss of sexual connection.

During the difficulty there is a precious opening to initiate the relationship into a deeper path and cycle of new growth. As you grow in your understanding and acceptance for each other, you can learn to use the very problems that come up in your relationship as a major springboard for growing genuine intimacy, for finally resolving old unbroken patterns, and for releasing joy, compassion and love.

It’s kind of like a beautiful gift wrapped in icky packaging. And, it’s going to delight and relieve you to learn how to actually do this so you can finally garner the pearls from the rub of irritation and relationship problems. You could keep repeating the same old patterns, but why?

You’ll receive an expert guide who is warm, deeply intuitive, interactive, and facilitative. I won’t just sit there and nod my head, uninvolved. I don’t just talk “about” the issues. I’m here to work intimately with you both to finally address the underlying difficulties which, if not addressed, create unhealthy patterns of relating, shutting down from each other, growing apart, and continuous conflict or struggle. It doesn’t have to continue. And you’re here because you’re hopeful that perhaps things can change.

They can.

Here is your chance to offer your partnership an in-depth opportunity to clarify, unravel, and discover the hidden forces that help you both to grow and deepen your love bond. We’ll look at relationship attachment patterns that were learned in early relationships that are playing out now so they can finally heal. This ultimately creates tremendous feelings of joy and peace.

We’ll have the opportunity to finally know what’s really going on emotionally that’s being played out in the relationship and the roles that each partner plays. I’m here to help you re-engineer the linchpin moments where shadow material can now light up love as opposed to challenge. We’ll notice all this together, and work with whatever unresolved early family transmissions play a part in the creation of these dynamics.

Over time and with commitment, consciousness and a desire to grow, healing can finally happen, and the relationship evolves forward; a welcome relief for all.

It’s time.

I have a limited amount of availability, and I’m also very selective about who I work with. So I invite you to…