On Untrying

Posted on January 07, 2015 by Joanna


You might have looked at the title of this post, seen it, and thought, ‘untrying, what is that?’  Perhaps it resonated with you for just a small nanosecond in the place in you that could benefit from the energy itself.  Go ahead and say it to yourself, ‘untrying, untrying, untrying.’

I heard it myself today from a client.  We were working with body awareness on a trauma zone of despair, and instead of just breathing naturally as I encouraged, a pattern of ‘trying to breathe by slowing things down,’ got into her mind that she was supposed to do with my invitation.  I heard that, and it evoked something of going against the natural wave, so instead I encouraged her to not try to do anything with her breath, but just to naturally allow herself to just allow the breathing pattern that was already there.  ”Oh,” she said, “do you mean untrying?”  ”Yes,” I said, delighted with the new word that emerged in our work, ‘untrying,’ just allowing what is already there to be there with simple pure hearted presence.

This broke a pattern of grip and constriction for her, and allowed an unwinding of the despair and a deepening into her already innate inner resources.  I love it when new words naturally emerge from clients lips as they discover their natural way of being or in this case, breathing.

There’s a lot we can take from this in this very busy world of trying, doing, gotta get there.  I prefer the underside of all these experiences…untrying, undoing, already here.  What would happen for just one day, if anyone of us let this way lead the way?


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