Posted on January 19, 2017 by Joanna

In this live stream, Joanna shares a few of the wondrous ways as you begin to explore the true potential of your monkey mind. Discover how to effectively harness the magical power that lies deep within your mind, waiting to help you rise and transform your life.

*Joanna will delightfully guide you on how to gain full access of the true power of mind, by working with different parts of your thinking process, and how to use them to enlighten yourself into peace, freedom, and happiness.

*Learn how potent your mind can be in the healing process of your life and discover the beautiful awakening awaiting you as you generously give your attention and awareness to overturning the shadows of thoughts, feelings, judgments and assumptions that lurk within.

*Finally, Joanna will invite you to take responsibility of consciousness of your mind, and to use your imagination to create magic in your life. Receive this precious opportunity to clear your mind of the usual habits, traits and tendencies, and experience the creativity and empowerment all over your life.

Please click below to watch the video:

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