Letting The Light Back In

Posted on January 06, 2016 by Joanna

Let the Light Back In1

It’s the week we all come back to our regular lives from our winter cocoons. Back to work, back to routine, and back to the opportunity to welcome the gift of another year to love, to live and to see what is truly possible.

Or at least you are trying to.

In your outside lives, in many parts of the country it is cold beyond belief.

It can be a grind. You can feel the burn inside with it’s aching sway. You can feel heavy and cold.

I felt it. Deeply. My thought about it is, “this is my soul coming to get me – through all it’s human faces — through the face of despair, grief, loss, all the human stuff I and everyone else goes through.

I’ve heard you’ve been feeling it too. And I invite you to ask this question,

which part of my soul is coming to get me? love, presence, compassion, joy?’ What is your answer?

While driving to visit family, I looked up at the gray, cloudy sky.

I’d been praying to receive the love light of the all that is love, all that is truth, all that I can open up to and truly receive.

I’m offering you this undeniable image that spontaneously popped up and got my attention long enough to change the pattern.

I concentrated on feeling that love-light in every morsel, every part of myself; my heart, my body, my sensations and my mind. (tweet that)

And then I looked up and saw this mind blowing picture in the clouds.

On the right, a person’s head, and the lying down, with the bright sun shining upon and through the body.

I’m grateful when I surrender and receive the signs.

And there it was.

So I’m inviting you to close your eyes for a moment.

And especially if you’re feeling cold, and ready for more wamth and truth.

Let. The. Light. Back. In.


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