IS INTERFERENCE SABOTAGING YOUR SUCCESS? (and my secret spirit crush who’s helping clear the way – and can help you too)

Posted on November 06, 2017 by Joanna

I am so excited to share this transmission – holy whoa, interference affects us all, more than we realize.

I’ve been simmering on this topic for a good four months so I know it’s going to be RICH and nourishing.

One of the things that breaks my heart is to see amazing soul led and spirit driven women be led away from the fulfillment of their deepest desires by interference.

Interference in the form of:

* other people’s energy
* Energies that don’t belong to you
* Uncleared unseen influences from the past or future.

Without the ability to SPECIFICALLY release the NON-YOU parts What ends up getting created instead?

* Worlds that feel inauthentic, off and unfulfilling
* Relationships that never seem to reach that place of true happiness.
* Work that feels like a drain and not anywhere near what your soul knows you are meant for.

THAT dear is a life that you don’t have to play out, not anymore.

You could continue to do what you’ve done, and try your hardest to get through it.

You could suffer in silence, ending each day defeated, only to wake up tomorrow and repeat the same movie without changing film that’s running through the projector of your mind.

OR, you could make a scared shift and FINALLY honor your deep desire to flow free in all that you think, feel and be.

Sounds simple. And in a moment, with your decision, it can be.

Watch the video here – and if you KNOW you’re meant for way more than what you’re currently experiencing, reach out to chat with me and let’s see how I can help you.

Watch the video below:

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