“I’M SO IRRITATED or ANNOYED,” – How Can Psychotherapy Help Adults and Couples Experiencing This Frustration?

Posted on June 11, 2015 by Joanna


“I’M SO IRRITATED or ANNOYED,” – A statement I hear every single week from people I encounter as a legitimate reason they hold off and stop the process of going forward through something, whether it be with a partner, parent, child, coworker, relative, friend or boss.

It’s usually followed by something like, “I can’t take it anymore.”

I’m with you, I’ve been there, countless times, and thankfully am more through the other side of most of the irritated side of myself. I’m here to help us get through to the real juice of the matter.

When we get irritated or annoyed, why does it overtake us, what is it really about and more importantly, how can we learn to utilize the irritation to get back all the energy it holds in the shutdown process? If we do not learn how to reclaim it, no doubt it will come up again in some other form, as we all know.

Take a look at the picture here. A pearl, an oyster shell, sunlight and the ocean waves. I know, you’re wondering what that has to do with anything. It has to do with everything this journey is about. I want to help you enjoy the pearls of wisdom that quite frankly begin as a grain of irritated sand in your experience, no matter who you are with.

How does that happen? You might think, is she nuts? No, I’m not, and I’m here to stand behind the process and wisdom that learning to tolerate the rub, or the irritation, is EXACTLY what transforms an annoying grain of irritating sand into a beautiful pearl of wisdom you can enjoy truly because that is the outcome of hanging in there with the deep rubbing process.

So next time the repeating oceanic waves of life irritate you to no end (or other annoying things), reflect on this article, and ask yourself, can I hang in there with the rub long enough to enjoy the precious gem of a pearl waiting for me? Then breathe, through one irritating body sensation after another, with full presence. See just what gems reveal themselves to you.

For more information on how psychotherapy or spiritual guidance work can help transform the irritating grains of sand in your couples relationship, or other relationships in your life, please read here.

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