From Holding On To Flowing Free

Posted on June 11, 2015 by Joanna


If you’re wanting to break cycles of pain but you just struggle with how hard this is, then this one is for you my lovely soul friends.

See this, “to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone.”

Yup, everything has to come out, every piece, even the very thing that holds it all together.

That holding it together thing, that is the best thing to let go into. The very energy of the ‘holding,’ that is the the energy of the flowing.

So if you let go of the holding, you let go into flowing.

This agony does not have to continue.

This is how to break the pain cycle.

Imagine what you would do with the energy.

If only for a second.

This is how to start the joy cycle, the freedom cycle.

This is the time to start that cycle, isn’t it?

The other one, well, that’s gone on too long, hasn’t it?

This is the power of “it is the journey into and through our humanness that awakens us,’ right into our blazing freedom life.

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