Mindfulness Comes home, igniting your loving heart in love and life

full-hearted living

Hello Heart Friends,

It’s been a long road, learning how to open your heart, how to allow all that is inside of your precious emotional and love center to become right with your mind, your body, and your life.

You’ve been up and down with it, and felt disconnected, despair, and emotional roller-coasters you’d rather not wheel around on anymore.

You want to feel at peace with your emotions and feelings, yet regular talk therapy isn’t working and your friends can’t quite do it for you either.

There is nothing wrong with you at all, but lots of inner material arises on this journey, and our culture does a pretty poor job at teaching and caring enough so that we can actually easily learn this practice.


So that you can learn and support your deepening into a life filled with more easeful loving, living and feeling,I’m inviting you into the Full Hearted Living Journey.

Your heart will receive:

  • All 6 Full Hearted Living Audios, with over an hour of thoughtful and sensitively designed Heart-Guiding and Emotionally Transformational Journey Meditations, and guided Heart Meditations; complete with mantras and affirmations to strengthen your love and support you heart fully opening with ease and relaxation.
  • The lovingly designed 52 page companion journal, complete with: relevant stories to encourage your unique hearts expression, and release isolation, heartful inquiries to support you in expanding your awareness of your patterns, challenges, and growing edges, practices to strengthen the growing spots with love, and support to receive your heart’s deep gifts and treasures for you.

There has never been a time more like now to become rooted in the true source of your unconditional happiness, right inside your own heart!

I live the deep relaxing love this provides every day and I want every human being on the planet, including you, to experience it. It’s more closer and more easily available than you can imagine, now within reach.

And that is why I’m inviting you to discover what awaits you when you go for the Full Hearted Living Journey, and meet the opportunity to soar into a fuller capacity of your precious heart. All this, for your investment of $97.