It rears its ugly head.

That monster you’ve been living with inside yourself for years now.

You feel your chest constrict, your head starts to pound, a dull ache floods your body and it becomes difficult to breathe.

You want to run away and hide so you cover yourself in unflattering outfits, shy away from social relationships and push people away.

You wish desperately for someone to show you what to do so you can stop this from happening over and over again.

You dread the sleepless nights, filled with tossing-and-turning endlessly.

The torn and tattered relationships.

The constant anxiety that erodes your insides like vicious rust.

The volcanically hot flashes of stress and shame that stop you from embracing the life you deserve to live.

Yes, living a fear-filled life holds you back and stops you from reaching your highest potential.

Your success, your abundance, your love life – are all left in shambles as you battle your demons, day in and day out.

It’s time for you to STOP the cycle.

It’s time for you to SLAY your fear.

It’s time for you to SAVOR your life.


Breaking Free from the Shackles of Fear for
a Life of Strength, Serenity and Success

This one-of-a-kind, easy-to-implement and powerfully effective program will give you the tools and techniques you need to overcome fear, create a life of love and freedom and savor soul-centered relationships with yourself, your family and your work.

It includes:

72+ Videos

of encouragement and guidance from Joanna so you can start with the deep work needed to transform fear into love.

365 daily practices

to walk you through the daily actions and make them an integral part of your life so you can finally kick fear to the curb and never look back again.

12 visualizations
and powerful meditations

that will give you the courage and confidence needed to create a life that is brimming with love, success and joy.

The Free Your Heart Now Quiz

This insightful tool will show you how to remove the barriers to love and ignite your loving heart in life and relationships with complete clarity and confidence.

Your Investment?

Way too less than what it should be!

But I’m committed to helping you create a life that you love and live with complete courage and freedom and so I want this to reach as many people as possible.

Embrace Freedom Now!

$197 ONLY!

Finding Freedom is for You if:

You look in the mirror and you know you deserve better – peace of mind, courage and confidence.

You want a partner and know that resolving the fear and shame in your life will help you attract your perfect soul mate.

You desire abundance and know that releasing the fear and anxiety you’ve been projecting on money will give you the prosperity and wealth you’ve been waiting for.

You are ready to dissolve fear syndromes such as anxiety, depression, obesity, mental confusion, insecurity, doubt, insomnia and panic attacks.

Here’s what You Get:

Step-by-step videos

on releasing fears, dissolving judgement, letting pain go and opening up to safety and trust.

Hand-Holding Exercises

so you can shift from the slump of overwhelm and identify your own unique pains so you can move towards shifting them.

divinely guided strategies

that are easy-to-follow so you can embrace deep and unwavering acceptance of your self so you can experience complete transformation.

Complete Support

and solid community so you don’t have to make this life-changing journey alone.

Your Personal Fear Whisperer

Meet Joanna Intara Zim

Hi Gorgeous Soul!

My name is Joanna Intara Zim and I’m a Licensed Psychotherapist, a Spiritual Mentor and your personal fear whisperer.

Born in Paisley, Scotland, I moved to California at the tender age of 9 and before the age of 17 had 4 ‘dark nights of the soul’. From a grief-laden goodbye when we left Scotland to a near drowning in the Pacific Ocean when I was 12, I experienced deep suffering and sought therapy at the age of 13.

When I was 11, I was kicked out of Hebrew school when I heard the men say a blessing thanking God for not making them women. I asked, quite innocently, “Where is ours?” fully expecting that no doubt, there will be one for me too.

The answer shattered my heart, “You don't get one”, they said. My 11-year old heart felt absolutely shattered inside.

The journey to reclaim my full feminine self and the power and value of it was unleashed and launched.

When I was 12, I almost drowned in the ocean by being pulled under by a riptide three times. This experience opened my eyes to the reality that all our struggle and pain in this lifetime are like little riptides, pulling us under and into our deeper selves so we can rise up into our love, wisdom and power.

At 17, I shattered my tailbone and with it my dreams of becoming a gymnast and a dancer.

Yes, my darling, I have experienced my own personal struggle looking into the deep abyss of fear and coming out of it, stronger and braver.

I have walked the path of experiencing intergenerational fear, terror and anxiety, and made it one of my missions to dissolve fear and show you how to do it without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Instead of letting fear haunt and hunt me down, I was inspired to hunt it down instead - and therefore created the Finding Freedom Program which has transformed lives, relationships, and possibilities for thousands of people around the world.

Those who have experienced this work, say,

“You cannot experience this program and remain the same.”
It is simply not possible...

Close your eyes and imagine this...

You wake up everyday feeling joyful and loved.

You gaze into the mirror, while you’re dressing, and smile back because you love the person looking back at you.

Your relationships with friends, family members, loved ones and coworkers are harmonious.

Your heart feels light, and that ugly constricted feeling that made it difficult for you to breathe is no longer there.

You’ve successfully dissolved past shame and fear and no longer carry hate, anxiety and fears with you.

You no longer feel lost and confused.

Instead, clarity fills your soul and you have a strong sense of purpose that guides you every single day.

You treat yourself and others with compassion and kindness and are creating your perfect life, one day at a time.

At night when your head hits the pillow,
you no longer toss and turn.

Instead, you drift gently off to sleep and you sleep well so when you wake up in the morning, you’re truly refreshed, energized and ready to savor the day!

Ready to experience all of this?

It’s your time to create this for yourself.

It’s your time to embrace love and abundance and let go of fear, anxiety and shame.

It’s your time to release those inflexible mental patterns that are keeping you stuck and overwhelmed.

Why Finding Freedom is Truly One-of-a-Kind

Other Programs Finding Freedom

Only address a few fears – money, relationships or sexuality.

Finding Freedom goes deep into addressing ALL the fears you can imagine – work, relationships, sexuality, money, exposure, vulnerability, existential, political, environmental, business, shame, children, death, dying, sickness, old age, aging and more.

Address fear from a purely mental level.

Finding Freedom explains and addresses the physiological dimension too.

Based on a fleeting life experience.

Based on 366 days of personally looking straight into the abyss of fear and creating 365 days of fear-releasing practices.

Feel Those Questions Coming Up?

Here are Your Answers

How will releasing fear change my life?

Fear is at the root of insecurities and anxiety in relationships, health, work, parenting, sexuality and so much more.
Cutting fear out of your life will give you the feeling of freedom that you’ve been longing for and empower you to live your life with courage, clarity and confidence.

Can I really stop feeling fear?

Yes. Yes you can.
As someone who has faced her fears and lived to tell the tale, I can vouch for the fact that when you have the right tools and strategies you can stop fearing fear and instead, welcome it and turn it into your greatest ally.

I can’t shake my fears, no matter what. How will this help?

Unlike other programs that merely scratch the surface, Finding Freedom goes deep and involves daily practices so you have proven and specific strategies to dissolve fear gradually and effectively.

Can resolving fear help me attract my ideal partner or more prosperity?

Yes, it may. When we feel fear and live in fear, we project that onto our relationships both with people and money. Naturally, we end up repelling them.
Once the fear is gone, it becomes much easier for you to attract your ideal partner, heal your relationship with money and become more abundant, in love and life.

What if I want a refund?

I believe in giving my all to the programs I create and I expect this from you as well and so I offer no refunds.

Will i get something in the mail?

No, this is a digital program and you will get your access details via email as soon as you buy!

How much one-on-one time will I get with Joanna in this?

This is a pure self-study program meaning you will get instant access to this digital program and will go through it on your own.

Can I work one-on-one with Joanna instead and get more personal attention?

Yes, you most definitely can. Please email us at Yes, you most definitely can. Please email and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.

“Joanna embodies a consistent positive, inspiring presence which was an invitation to my mind, body, and spirit. It is always a gift to meet another ‘soul traveler’ with the same commitment to everyone’s highest and best.

She goes beyond the ‘foo foo’ spirituality that most people reach, and is purposeful in supporting others’ awakening.

The gift she offers, Finding Freedom Program, contains a compelling outline for practice for developing spiritual self-awareness.

These techniques are arriving at a time where the paradigm-shift, human condition, and need for true guidance and leadership are being experienced on all continents – and all of humanity is awakening to the need for actualization, karmic repair, and personal responsibility.

Joanna Intara Zim offers an enlightened path conversation that will guide her clients and fellow practitioners in taking responsibility for the spiritual self – along with the self that exists only in the physical world. Congratulations, Joanna, on a fine contribution to the spiritual realm: speaking for the soul is a noble and necessary endeavor.”

Penina Polokoff