Posted on January 23, 2017 by Joanna

Finally, someone is speaking up about the reality, but often hushed side of coaching industry. People calling themselves coaches but not having the training to facilitate the transformation and healing work their vulnerable trusting clients are most seeking

* You will learn about the significant steps you need to achieve your transformation desires, and how to support the journey by bringing in a respect for the magnitude of time, care, patience, understanding, care, commitment and practice needed to accomplish this.

* Joanna will invite you to discover your next level of self commitment to your inner work which is no longer negotiable for your healing process. Prepared to be encouraged as you learn learn about the need for conscious space, energy, investment and deep commitment to yourself and your journey of awakening.

* You will be supported by practical embodied and imaginative ways to stimulate your process of self awakening by going deeper, wider, more open and being undefended.

*Joanna will share a powerful question for your process of self awakening by going deeper, wider, more open and being undefended.

*Receive support to help you discover a part of yourself which is waiting to be revealed, and let this new inquiry into the you you know, start to open up new pathways. Answer the powerful question and let in the experience of immense support you in deeper awakening and undefended openness.

*Enjoy this live stream and be guided to the juiciness of self revelation, so you can finally go deeper, wider, more open and undefended in your self awakening journey.

Please click below to watch the video:

Video I:

Video II

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