When pain finally changes to freedom

Cyclebreaker: Stop Hurting, Start Living Now


There is a brave voice that has been speaking to you for some time about the things that just aren’t working for you

It might be little things… emotional things, mind patterns, or perhaps there are things in your relationship or every day that have reached the end of the line. And you know that it’s costing you somehow.

You’ve probably tried your best to deal with them. Perhaps with substances, working extra hard and making more money, television, all the usual suspects that our culture uses.

Deep down you may have some idea of the “away” mechanism that you use to escape. We all have our unique ‘specialties.’

Maybe you’re really smart or have capacity in some other area, and you’ve convinced yourself that your strengths could masquerade and cover the challenging places. You’ve convinced yourself, “yeah, it’s working, it’s really working…”

But it’s really not… and you really are ready to break the pain cycle that you have been living with.

I want to tell you something. I’ve been there.

When I look into the stream of my biological lineage, and the tunnel of darkness and multiple dark nights of the soul that I have emerged from, I couldn’t feel more gratitude and more blessed and appreciative of my life as I am today.

To say that I had a difficult start in life would be a complete understatement. There was no area of life — mental, emotional, sexual, instinctual, physical, multiple forms of trauma, heartbreaking karma, financial, to name a few…that did not require massive inter-generational clean up.

I dove in. Totally devoted. All of me.

And, after thirty years of intense and rewarding inner work, I stand here before you as a true CycleBreaker. One who is able to help you break patterns of mental and emotional pain and suffering that have gone on far too long, so you can finally release the incredible gift of love and life force that is aching to pour out of you.

You know it’s time.

Perhaps your life looks like this…

  • You may feel shut-down, closed off, stress, anxiety, depression, long-term stuckness, emotional and mental patterns that just won’t quit, in resistance to life, unhappy, feel imprisoned.
  • You struggle every day with frustration, despair, and unhappiness.
  • You’re also feeling desperate because this pain cycle has repeated quite MADLY for several years. It causes searing pain in your heart and relationships and tremendous mental struggle.
  • You SO want to be free from this and are desperate to do so, because it affects your life in every way, and you are in anguish and struggle about it.
  • You feel like giving up and are ready to try anything because things HAVE to change. What situations caused this? From years ago? Everything in your life could look good from the outside but still be unresolved on the inside, because the work and key linchpin healing moments you need have not had a chance to unfold.

And you dream of a life where you can…

  • Self-liberate from repeating, agonizing pain cycles
  • Feel stronger than your pain and suffering
  • Become empowered to address the core mechanisms that create your repeating pain patterns, and move into mastery to dissolve them
  • Feel supported and empowered to keep releasing for the rest of your life
  • Launch your attitude and free your mind of anguish and suffering so you can finally experience freedom, peace & happiness
  • Rise above your pain identity and to transform emotional challenges into true fulfillment.
  • Have fun and joy while doing it (not like mainstream therapies or counseling).

  • I’m here to inspire and guide you on how to break lifelong patterns once and for all, so you can end a lifetime of silent suffering.
  • From there you are finally free to fully express the peace and aliveness that is waiting to pour out of you.
  • When you are living from your genuine self, there is a native relaxation. Life, love, and work spring from a natural internal state of rest. So do joy, creativity and play.
  • It really matters to me that you can learn to be truly happy (and not fake happy).
  • I am here to walk beside you as your authentic self emerges, and you begin to live in the simplicity of your being.
  • I offer you a heart that truly cares, and a keenly intuitive perception to witness the gifts awakening inside of you.

I’m inviting you into an exclusive limited-availability
opportunity to work with me in the:


When Pain Finally Changes To Freedom
3 Month Group Program

Your soul-liberating CycleBreaking Voyage includes:
  • 3 sixty-minute sessions each month (via www.zoom.com video chat).
  • Your Awakened Courage e-bundle – a journey of 12 healing audio sessions + a gorgeously designed PDF workbook.
  • In-depth assessment of the complete mental, emotional, somatic and spiritual roadblocks to your full freedom and rising up.
  • Current Astro-Soul Consultation, complete with transits and thorough mapping and understanding of the main themes and energies you are currently experiencing, in addition to the gifts you’ll be able to use to navigate and resolve them.
  • All emails and messages fully responded to within 24 business hours.
  • Additional resources, depending on your emerging needs.

How we may work together:

  • Personalized creation of your own Sacred Sanctuary, recorded for your use and re-use.
  • Family of Origin work to support the loosening of any core dynamic patterns that still grab you into suffering and pre-occupation.
  • Transformation practices and guidance on radically reducing the fears you are dealing with, so that they can dissolve into love and space (so you are finally free to create the masterpiece of your soul).
  • Support in experiencing radical honesty inner conversations with ALL your parts so the inside marriage of your body, mind, heart and soul becomes unified – and a force to be reckoned with in this world.
  • Trauma work to dissolve habituated patterns of stuckness in the body, so you can feel relaxed, present, and energized.
  • Essential Sacred Love and Wisdom practices to feel freedom and ongoing in-the-moment loosening of stuck mental and emotional gripping that prevents fulfillment.
  • Collaboration on creating your personalized Awakening Essence evolutionary mantra, and how to use it.
  • Meditation instruction and guidance.
  • Visualization support to retrain the negative mind into it’s limitless creative and freedom possibilities.

Here is what’s in store for you:

Setting Safe Space & Place

You’ll be supported in being set up to succeed well. Together, we’ll Identify exactly where the stuckness is in your life, (relationship with self, body, work, partner or family). We’ll get crystal clear and Identify where and how much life force it takes up. From there, it becomes relaxing to identify will be needed as supports? We’ll call them in: family, peer, time, money, space, and setting up practices (meditative, physical {fitness, sleep, and nutrition}, just to start as well as anything else you might need for the road ahead.

Sacred Soul Sanctuary Journey

Experience through guided visualization the sacred space of your Soul Sanctuary and develop a relationship with the intimate, and evolutionary downloads your Soul and Spirit keep asking you to truly learn, perhaps now, once and for all, Enter the liberating zone of freeing up your life-force via embodied visualization, connecting with and experiencing your life potential with these energies finally freed up and ready to move into creation instead of darkness or destruction.

Soul Integration

Having returned from your Soul Sanctuary, now we can identify the true roots of the disconnection. And from there, we’ll look at familial, cultural, societal influences and begin to clearly name the evolutionary lessons the soul is asking you to learn so you can move forward. While articulating what of the lessons you have already learned and which ones require mastery. Practices and processes will be explored and given to bring these all the way home.

Going Deep Into the Holding On & Resistance

“That which you are seeking, is also seeking you.” Rumi. We can run, avoid, deny, or suppress our love and life force into dark patterns, and we know where this lead us. But, what if you can actually so completely and fully meet that which is problematic, that something you’ve always dreamed of, but never could actualize, finally has a chance to be born. Your free life is always coming for you, but this time, you can finally answer the call. This is the time, although counter-intuitive, in a tangible atmosphere of safety and compassion, have a direct meeting with what the holding on and resistance actually is, so it can finally release it’s suffering grip on your life

Clearing The Blocks

And after you release resistance, ancient and outdated mental, emotional, physical, and ancestral energies come up, because it is time to finally dissolve them – Finally, you’ll learn how to let go easier, and I’ll be giving the steps for this that are direct, user friendly, and effective. You’ll receive a holistic synthesized process of clearing mind, heart body and soul.

ReWiring The Lineage/Ancestry Stream

If you had the lineage/ancestry you’d wanted and needed, what would it have been? What would have been ultimately supportive And more importantly, what can it be now? Because it can! From the ground up, we’ll be wiring and rewriting the soul DNA you are meant to live. First in your body, then your heart, then your mind, and from there into the world to live and create all that you know you were meant to, finally.

Gratitude For What It Gives

To strengthen your new muscles, you’ll be supported to grow your new transformation muscles. You’ll become skilled at identifying the diamond in the rough, with your non-resistance presence, be able to bring deep gratitude for every little morsel of what is, and have new heart, presence, mind and body practices for the entire journey ahead depending on where you are most vulnerable to getting stuck.

The Soul Gifts

With these gratitude morsels in your awareness and the support of my Essence Awakening Mandala, you’ll be able to see and own more clearly what your Soul Gifts from this journey truly are. And, what they want to be used for in your one precious life? What is the highest potential use for them? We’ll literally get inside of them so deeply and let them tell us exactly what they want and need from you in order to completely feel free and fully delivered into your body, soul, relationships, and all life.

Breakthrough and Transform Your Repeating Cycles of Pain & Suffering

Finally find your freedom and ability to self -liberate pain. In what used to be suffering, now find openness to life in a way you never dreamed of, ease in that spaciousness that gives you peace, energy and creativity. You’ll develop the courageous, strong ability to self liberate frustrating and seemingly unremovable cycles of repeating pain.

Schedule and Group Information:

  • Meets on Tuesday evenings (usually the last week of the month) from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM (Pacific Time) January 2017 through March 2017 dates TBD.
  • Location: Online via www.zoom.us
  • A 3 month commitment is required.
  • Receipts are gladly given for medical insurance and/or HSA or FSA reimbursements.


MONThly payments

$ 397 x 3 months

Includes everything above, plus:
  • Your Awakened Courage – Full Version ($97 value)
  • Your Discover Your Authentic Heart Type Quiz with personalized result, Heart Healing Mantra, and Free Your Heart Now Guide. (Bonus Gift for You)
I’m ready


Pay in full

$ 979.00

Includes everything above, plus:
  • Your Awakened Courage – Full Version ($97 value)
  • Your Discover Your Authentic Heart Type Quiz with personalized result, Heart Healing Mantra, and Free Your Heart Now Guide. (Bonus Gift for You)
  • A BONUS 45-minute Complete Breakthrough Assessment ($197 value)
I’m ready

Why would you want to spend another second of your precious life force lighting up a life of suffering, pain, and heartache?

Start breaking your pain cycles NOW. Ignite a new wave of inner strength and support that will help you know you know you are not alone and start to feel some movement forward into your liberated life.

To Breaking Your Cycles of Pain,