Coffee And Consciousness?

Posted on January 07, 2015 by Joanna


What does coffee have to do with consciousness?

I know, you’re probably wondering why a psychotherapist and spiritual guide would be displaying a cup of espresso with cream, espresso con panna as I like to have it in the morning, on a blog post.

You might think, this isn’t mainstream material form someone like me.  You’re right.  I’m not a mainstream psychotherapist or counselor, but I am from the Bay Area, and sometimes we can do things a little different in these parts, we always have.

You have your ongoing challenges or struggles.  I do too.

There are places you’ve grown, and places your soul continues to hurl you forward in life.

You want to keep growing and yet it can’t be stale.  You want to keep evolving but it’s got to get you growth edge right at it’s most alive, vivid place.  You have to keep listening to your desires, with out doing the same thing that doesn’t work.

And the morass of mainstream coaching and therapy out there can be SO heady and mental.  Insight after insight with no real change.

How does that happen?  I’m guessing you’re wanting to know.

I’m from the Ancient Wisdom, fresh faced school where modern times make it necessary to have the wisdom teachings that come down from the various lineages in these parts have a freshness in them, an aliveness if you will, and a necessary synthesis and attention  to the human sufferings and afflictions of our times. 

What fresher way than to look at this material manifested in a cup of coffee, specifically chosen for its cream melting into it.

My friend and I watched in mesmerizing seduction the other day as the cream melted, and I recognized in the trance how it is that so many people love doing that.  Don’t you?

Being the never ending explorer of human experience I am, wondered why and how come that is. I’d like all the humans that drink espresso with cream in it in the morning, to share  this sense of a collective captivating hypnotic state.

One could argue, the cream is the bliss (tastes good right?),  dissolving into the emptiness of the dark black coffee.  Spiritual seekers and practitioners might appreciate this view.

But even more simpler than that, my deep hunch is that people love watching the dissolving process of the cream into the coffee, just as much as they love drinking it while or after it happens.  There is a reason we love to drink coffee in the mornings when it is not yet the full blast of day, slowly and sometimes quietly (in my house if I’m lucky).

Sure, yes, it’s partially about the caffeine fix, it may also just be about learning to let whatever fixations are present in one’s mind and heart at the beginning of the day dissolve into a deliciousness that carries us forward into whatever is next.

Isn’t that the flow we all seek to go forward with?

Have you had yours today?

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