It is my heartfelt honor and joy to support you and your loved ones with all you need to creatively, compassionately, and meaningfully design your special life event ceremonies and transitions.

There are so many ways my soul sings in service work, but this one is very dear to my heart.

For 20 years I have helped many couples, families, adults and groups find meaning, aliveness, and a true spiritual connection with the many life events that call forth to be honored in the most sacred, heartful, and respectful way possible.

We’ll meet before the ceremony with all parties involved, sometimes a number of times, depending on what is needed. We’ll take time to listen and discover what it is that would be meaningful for you as you venture forth to your special day or event.

Some examples include:

Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

  • Re-Commitment and Re-Marriage Ceremonies
  • End of Life Transitions – Death & Dying Process
  • End of Relationship/Marriage Rituals
  • Birth Ceremonies
  • Coming of Age Ceremonies
  • Important Life Transitions
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Others Upon Request

Feel free to contact me about your special event. Fees are dependent on amount of time needed.