Posted on December 16, 2016 by Joanna

“In 2007 an intuitive told me that in 2 years I would meet a woman who would be worth her weight in gold. She was 3 years off. You’ve helped me unearth the dangerously dehydrated baby gasping sprouts of my own spiritual compass. For me in this life, that is priceless. Thank you for so gracefully handling and seeing the intensity, crises, fragility, and drama for what it really was. Now, I have loads of work, financial uncertainty, and trial and error as I design a non-conformist life according to my own terms and priorities – while actively working to reveal what value I can give to others. Not to mention combating my ego along the way. I’m scared shitless, so I’m on the right path.

You are a potent healer and a brilliant spiritual guide. The breadth and depth of your wisdom, the size of your heart, and the creativity in your flexible toolbox are a fierce combination. You’ve opened my consciousness to universal principles and ancient teachings that I was oblivious to or didn’t know to apply. I feel so blessed. Thank God there is no turning back now.”

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