Posted on December 16, 2016 by Joanna

“My husband and I started working with Joanna regarding issues with the struggles in our marriage. The communication between us was not good and we struggled with challenges of daily life, and my pain issues. Joanna was able to set us on a new path with her gentle nature and very knowledgeable interventions. She made us feel safe and comfortable, therefore we were able to open up and share more of ourselves. Joanna offers excellent support and great suggestions on how to improve yourself and deepen your relationships and she is genuine and experienced as well on spirituality.

Through this work, my relationship with my husband has really improved. He has become more open minded and accepting of me, others, daily life in general, and much more able to share in groups. I attribute this to the level of comfort there is in working with Joanna. My husband George and I highly recommend Joanna to others because she is very experienced, knowledgeable, gentle, effective, caring and spiritually inspiring. We think that others will greatly benefit from working with her because she not only listens, but is an active part of the work which is holistic and fresh (not just talking around challenges).”

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