Posted on December 16, 2016 by Joanna

“Dearest Joanna,

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for the wisdom that pours forth from you to all.

Your wisdom pours out to the plants, animals, sky, the Earth itself… a conscious, brave Being walking Heart-fully in creation… your impact reverberating through the lives of so-so-so many, emanating healing through those you touch and have touched out to everyone they touch and have touched, each one a little more fierce, gentle, true and deep. You are the rarest of beings on this Earth…an embodiment of fierce love and wisdom in action. Thank you for your Fierce Love and Wisdom.

Your Fierce Love and Wisdom literally saved my life from the scourge of my conditioning. How could I adequately repay your kindness to me, for the irrepressible fortitude of your courageous heart to love me with anything I have ever needed from the tenderest words to unyielding ferocity. It’s too great to measure, how you have blessed me. What is the measure of my life restored from living a hell to this ever-expanding fulfillment? Thank you Joanna from the bottom of my heart.”

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