Posted on December 16, 2016 by Joanna

“In being guided through difficult waters with Joanna, I have gratitude for the fact that she has restored my confidence in being who I really am. After being encouraged to address issues of burnout, my solution was to join her group for women. One aspect of being part of a Joanna’s group is validating the fact that we need not travel alone: the power to inspect your innermost feelings, while giving those feelings a voice creates a moment to feel like someone has your back.

Joanna is generous about everyone having their say, and is subtle in moving things along. The gift that she has for attending and nurturing the feminine aspect of humanity is soft spoken, beautiful and quite inviting. I began to reconnect to my true self and I now use my voice to ask for support with my responsibilities, which allows me the opportunity to refill my vessel, and offset burnout.”

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