Posted on December 16, 2016 by Joanna

“Recently, I had a chance to experience Joanna’s work at a 3-day retreat that I was running, where for a short time I became her student. In that brief time, she helped me uncover and begin to heal a pain point that was really having a difficult effect on my life. She did it with gentleness, with love, in a very subtle way, and so quickly. She was able to help me really get to the core of the issue – and get some real insights into how I could start to heal it. The healing began immediately and it happened fairly quickly.

I was so impressed with her ability, and I really believe she has a special gift. All of us face times of pain in our lives. If you’re facing that now (and especially if it’s been an ongoing issue), consider taking her Cycle Breaker program. You will find that you come out of it a different person and you’ll be able to rebuild a happy, joyful and energy-filled life. I highly recommend Joanna – she’s the real deal!”

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