Posted on December 16, 2016 by Joanna

“When I first started working with Joanna, I suffered from fairly severe anxiety and depression stemming from both sensory integration problems and a difficult childhood. I’d attempted to self-medicate by overusing drugs and alcohol and developing unhealthy, co-dependent relationships with women, but this (naturally) made matters much worse for me and perpetuated the cycle of unhappiness. I was questioning my path in life and felt very lost and confused.

After about a month and a half of intensive work with Joanna, both in a support group and in private sessions, I’m less worried, less self-doubting, and more genuinely alive and present. I’ve regained the satisfaction with my career path that drove me to select it in the first place, developed a strategy for addressing the unhealthy emotional dynamics I’ve been involved in, and feel deeply aware of my sensory environment and capable of dealing with the challenges it throws at me. By learning how to break my emotional problems down to their physical manifestations and devote attention to them via a regular meditative practice, I have gained an incredibly potent and liberating tool in my quest for mental stability.

Joanna has a knack for quickly and intuitively getting to the heart of one’s spiritual and emotional ailments, and bringing those who work with her to a place of awareness and self-acceptance – thus setting the stage for positive change and transformation. I would highly recommend her as a guide if you are interested in making these kinds of changes in your life and – more importantly – in your perspective towards life!”

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