It’s been a long road, and you’ve definitely been on the path.

And, you’re still feeling difficult emotions, stuck mental patterns or experiences cycles of suffering that you are ready to release once and for all.

It’s not that you’re not smart or bright. You know a lot, but like any of us on the freedom road, learning to return to your essential self where love, wisdom and awareness reign takes learning how to dissolve your barriers, ALL the way to all that is waiting for you.

So many of you have come to this work because you want to let go of the pain that is shutting you down and closing you off to life.

You’d love to release what is not important, including lack of support, distraction, and obstacles or challenges.

If you are reading this, you have probably tried repeatedly to take away the pain. You may have been to countless therapists, life coaches, and expensive programs. But the desire and the pain are still there.

You are unable to fully hear the call of your Wise Self and what it really wants, and you cannot hear the guidance it is waiting to give you.

The lynchpin of transformation is to show up in a way that you never have in all of the old stuck places where you’ve been locked for a long time. They have been calling you in all the ways they know how. The question is, are you going to respond and give them what they finally need?

You alone can change your life, but you can’t see the path that lies before you.

If you are interested in going all the way with your Self, with me, I invite you to participate in the full, rich journey of transformation

There has never been a time more like now to become rooted in the true source of your unconditional happiness.

I live the deep relaxing freedom this provides and I want every human being on the planet, including you, to experience it. It’s closer and more easily available than you can imagine.

And that is why I’m inviting you to discover what awaits you when you go for the Awakened Courage – Full Journey, and give yourself the opportunity to rise up in your true soul strength, love, and wisdom into a fuller expression of your desired and Awakened Courage.

If you are interested in going all the way with your Awakened Self Transformation, Fierce Love and Wisdom Style, I invite you to get embodied with me in this deep, rich journey.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 12 Awakened Courage Audios, beautifully recorded, just for you.
  • The Companion Awakened Courage – Full Journey gorgeously designed PDF, filled with soul calling prompts, invitations, and other juiciness.
  • And, because I want you start out on the right foot, I’ve recorded your Transformation Elixir – Empathy Audio that you’ll want to have with you on the journey ahead. In it, I share my four step process and how to activate The Sacred Remedy that will help you soften,unravel and liberate any challenge back to love, presence, and peace.

And what you will walk away with:

  • You will step through the door to experiencing a radical difference in your life instead of being stuck on the hamster wheel, in the daily grind, watching your life slip by.
  • You will have a way to overcome neurotic, time-wasting mental and emotional turmoil. You can say goodbye to the unrelenting pain patterns in your daily life that rob you of your precious life energy and keep you locked in bondage.
  • You will release limitation, mental pain, and emotional struggle and add ease and fun to your inner and outer life. Everything from taking care of your relationships to washing the dishes will suddenly become more joyful.
  • You will know how to immediately deepen your inner attention so that these changes can actually unfold and manifest quickly. You will rapidly see and feel a greater sense of peace, and ease.
  • You will discover the treasures hidden deep within the tapestry of your life while releasing the shadows that cloud your soul’s canvas; you will feel lighter, freer and happier.
  • You will discover how to harmonize your unique discoveries and awaken a stronger and more empowered version of yourself right at the edges of what matters most.

If you are you ready to go all out and let loose your fierce love and wisdom in every vein of your life, answer the call now… $97 will get you started.