Posted on December 11, 2016 by Joanna

Ever feel as though each new soul crisis seems to grow larger, louder and stronger? The swirl, this difficult way that life has with you sometimes, becomes all too familiar. And yet, each time you traverse the challenges that awakening brings, every time a ‘crisis’ breathes and whispers that it’s coming to get you, you resist it less and less.

Because you’re getting stronger, and you know it. It’s exciting, and yet, truth be told divine woman, you’d love it if it was just a little bit easier, just a breath more open and an exhale deeper into ease.

You can be so busy in the fight, so occupied with just trying to get through it, and so deeply used to the same way you’ve always done it, that a way to escape it with more grace and harmony eludes you. It’s driving you crazy. You watch others pull through big challenges easily and you want that too!

It’s so easy to ask, ‘what’s wrong with me? It can become a habit to blame and criticize yourself for everything that isn’t going the way you think it should.

I must warn you, sister. Do not give in to the harsh and unforgiving inner voices that want to crush you!

Although dominating, these voices don’t provide you with the nourishment your soul needs to truly ascend and move along in life with love. Heck, they show up to make it harder for you to escape the cycle of chaos.

So here’s what I want you to do right now. Take a breath and sit with this question:

What if the crisis and pain you are facing right now is a divine opportunity for you to transform yourself and create the life you dream of?

Yep, even though the crisis is dressed in the worst packaging of all time (stress, pain, fear), this divine wakeup call is inviting you you to ascend spiritually and emotionally.

I guarantee you the worse that the crisis looks on the outside, the greater the riches are on the inside—even more than you can imagine.

The first step to moving through a soul crisis with grace and ease is opening yourself to making this an experience that you can fly through. With a more relaxed approach, you will be able to navigate the crisis from a new vibration where a whole new set of tools will be available for you to wield magic instead of destruction.

Making it through a crisis with grace comes down to these three things:

  1. Non-resistance (being open to making the experience better for you),
  2. deep and true self-love, and
  3. a fired-up heart courage like you’ve never seen before.

Believe me when I tell you, I have had had plenty of crises in my life. I don’t think any of us haven’t. But there was a time when I stopped looking at them like crises and started looking at them as sacred opportunities. That shift in perspective from fear to non-resistance set me free, awakening me to endless new ways of positively responding to a soul crisis.

Instead of waiting in fear for the crisis and struggle that follows to hunt me down, I decided to start hunting them down because I was eager to discover the richness and love that lay beneath. I can’t tell you how much of a life-changing, energy-nourishing and sanity saving difference this has made for me and the positive impact it has had on helping me live my dreams. Enormous.

I shifted from being a wigged out mama to a happily married, nourished, lit-up entrepreneur. I wake up with a zing and an urgency to get out of bed and get going because I love my life so much. I am not afraid of storms because I know exactly how to manage it like a she-warrior on fire. People ask me how I do it all the time, and I want you to know my secret. It’s because I constantly aim to embody these qualities of love, positive action and courage.

When challenges hit, as they absolutely do in life, I am dedicated to being here, to being present and to embracing the opportunity that the challenge presents for me. I am all the way in with no part left outside the queendom of my transformation.

You can’t leave any parts of you outside your royal feminine heart anymore either.

I’m inviting you all the way in. No more resistance to what is already presenting for you as an opportunity to explore the deep love you have for yourself and the possibilities that life offers to you.

Come with me. We will walk together through the lessons that the land of your soul offer.

As you say yes, divine woman, feel yourself finally making peace and recognising that the lessons of your soul are not giving up on you ever. Saying yes opens the doorway to your soul medicine where the core of the crisis can finally heal.

Once you say yes to all your parts, the life force energy, the love energy inside of you becomes liberated, and this is what allows grace to cascade through your soul, releasing ego so that the true mystery of what is in this crisis can be revealed to you.

Lose your resistance and gain the world.

With presence as your ally, compassion finally has the spiritual bedrock it needs to emerge fully. And this rising of your pure-hearted love washes the challenges clear and speaks a language of tenderness to your soul pain, so that you experience grace and ease through your transformation.

No longer will you have to struggle because your resistance is gone.
No longer will you have to have to feel loveless because your compassion has resolved all pain.

The courage that grace has delivered is now here so that you can create a personal revolution that transforms your life— starting now. Let the revolution of your soul, the rising of your sacred femme phoenix, begin now, divine woman.

It is time.

I’m inviting you into an experience that will unleash and catapult your awakened courage which will ignite you into embodying the deep soul strength to transform and awaken exactly where you are most longing to. This is a sacred opportunity only for men, women, and couples who are truly ready to dissolve all barriers to the love and wisdom that is waiting to pour out of you and into your life. Sign up for a free chat with me and if you’re ready to transform your life. I can’t wait to ‘meet’ you.


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