A Fall of Shadows, Fires, Death and Rebirth

Posted on December 22, 2017 by Joanna


This fall has made me grow so much.

First the fires up here in the North Bay in California.

Burned pages of a children’s book land on my ash covered yard.

Afraid to go breathe outside…so much smoke.

Firestorming outside, major relationship shadows being faced inside.

Then deep rebirthing and my father passing away.


As I’m growing every minute, not wasting one second…

My heart is hurting for clients and friends who have lost everything.

Houses, business and lives… in ruins and ashes.

So I started reflecting…

“What is most important?”

“What matters most before I die?”

“Where and how can I serve best?”

My hot tea swirls and steam rises in the midst – and the answers pour out.

“Serve and love, let go and create the new dreams of the earth – Make The Sacred Shift everywhere that’s called for it.”

“Release self doubt…”

“Serve bigger and brighter…”

“Commit to a deeper level of practice…”

“Create more joy for others…”

“Make more sacred soul music…”

“Share with others more vulnerably…”

These are the seeds that are sowing in my end of year reflections – deep inside my soul – and that are linked with my desire to serve you in 2018.

What does that actually look like?

My deep desire is that it looks like you shifting in all the places YOU KNOW that call out for it MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, so you can be RELEASED AND TOTALLY FREE.

On my end, I’m turning up the volume on my MAGIC all the way. Big time. No more hiding.

Life is short and precious and the time is NOW.

What else do you have if you’re not truly FREE?

It’s needed, everywhere (that only you know it’s called for)…like NOW.

So what are you waiting for?

Warmest Soulstice Love,


P.S. I’ve got some really sacred and completely fun gifts coming your way January. Watch this space.

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