There are NO accidents.

There’s a soul-pulse, an instinctive pull that led you to this page at this particular moment in time (and I’m so glad you’re here).

My name is Joanna Intara Zim, and I’m a modern-day Medicine Woman for the soul.

I’m passionate about love, wisdom and transformation (both on the personal level and within intimate relationships).

I help driven, bright and intelligent women (like you) to release outdated structures and beliefs-systems that hold you back, so you can sculpt your life, work, and relationships into a full-on masterpiece – one that delights you to the very core.

We’re often told that our desires come at a cost – and the price for many of us is high – but I’m a firm stand that we can all be wildly successful without losing our sanity or our soul.

YOU, brilliant woman are likely here because you’re ready for a profound shift. You want to clear the lurking shadows that are in the way of you fulfilling your BIG destiny.

And like most people, you’re not sure where to begin.

  • You struggle to reach the level of happiness in partnership that you crave and deep down KNOW is possible.
  • You’re unsure of how to resolve emotional overwhelm and past traumas, so you can expand once and for all into DEEP self-love and FULL-ON self-care.

But the one thing you do know?

It’s time.

And getting out of your own way and landing in the safe and healing abode of a 30 year industry expert is the first step.

Never before has the time been so ripe for your soul-destiny to be EVEN MORE fully launched into this world.

Therefore, you MUST totally release everything outside of that.

And so, with all genuine respect and radical care,

I invite you in.

It’s time to Make The Sacred Shift

alchemize your shadows and birth your luminary self.

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