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    CycleBreaker When Pain Finally Changes to Freedom

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    Couples Reborn Partnership Metamorphosis

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    Feminine Rising Now Undivided, Unbroken, and Together as One

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    The Heartfulness Movement Mindfulness Comes Home

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    CycleBreaker When Pain Finally Changes to Freedom

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    Couples Reborn Partnership Metamorphosis

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    Feminine Rising Now Undivided, Unbroken, and Together as One

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    The Heartfulness Movement Mindfulness Comes Home

In the hushed hours of the night, an old, familiar whisper sighs…something isn’t working.

Can you continue to smother the voice that is calling you to all that is real, all that is unlived, unloved, and all that is missing from your waking life?

For many people each day is a struggle, a compromise and a resignation.  They are just waiting to live.  They dream of the other shore is where life truly begins. Guiding people to cross over to the other side is my life calling.

I show people how to break lifelong patterns once and for all, so they can end a lifetime of silent suffering.  They are finally free to fully express the peace and aliveness that is waiting to pour out of them.

It really matters to me that you can learn to be truly happy and not fake happy.

Together we can walk through the matrix of the unnatural shadow self you have long carried, and release the life force to create the true desires of your soul.

When you reach that real place inside yourself, your instincts are naturally restored and your life begins to flow. You no longer experience burnout, emptiness, or unnecessary separations that cause humans pain.

When you are living from your genuine self there is a native relaxation.  Life, love, and work spring from a natural internal state of rest. So do joy, creativity and play.

I am here to walk beside you, as your authentic self emerges and you begin to live in the simplicity of your being. I offer you a heart that truly cares and a keenly intuitive perception to witness the gifts awakening inside of you.

As you cross over to the other side, may you discover your true and complete home within.


Fierce Love and Wisdom Blog

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Coffee And Consciousness?

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From Holding On To Flowing Free

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